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Climate challenges facing Maine range from extreme weather to sea-level rise to warming waters.

We'll discuss how climate science informs policy and real action, as we learn about the new state climate action plan.

It focuses on areas such as transportation, renewable energy and agriculture, and sets bold goals for greenhouse gas emissions.

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The next new passenger boat for Casco Bay Lines will run almost completely on electricity.

The Nature Conservancy in Maine has become the latest conservation group to announce its participation in what's known as a carbon offset project to address climate change.

The project signals a long-term commitment to improve forest management with bigger trees on 125,000 acres along the St. John River. The trees essentially serve as storage for carbon.

Maple syrup might be ubiquitous in pantries and pancake houses now, but new research suggests that might not always be the case. Climate change could eventually render the sticky stuff extinct.

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PORTLAND, Maine - Maine environmentalists and some Maine businesses are urging Republican Sen. Susan Collins to support a proposed federal rule that would limit carbon emissions from power plants. The Environmental Protection Agency released its Clean Plower Plan in June and has faced opposition from many congressional Republicans, who say it will cuts jobs and increase energy costs. Collins has not yet taken a position.

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PORTLAND, Maine - The Natural Resources Council of Maine today called for support of a proposed Environmental Protection Agency rule to lower the amount of CO2 America's power plants can release into the atmosphere.

At a press conference in Portland, NRCM Outreach Director Todd Martin said climate change caused, in part, by CO2 emissions is creating friendly conditions for "pest" organisms like poison ivy, jellyfish, mosquitoes, and especially ticks.

The Environmental Protection Agency's New England chief Curt Spaulding attended a public hearing today in Maine to get feedback on the first-ever federal standards for power plants. The hearing focused on President Barack Obama's plan to cut carbon dioxide emissions by 30 percent by 2030. The EPA rule is described as one of the most significant actions to address global warming in U.S. history.

PORTLAND, Maine (AP) _ The Environmental Protection Agency's regional chief says the Obama administration's new standards for power plants are an attempt to do on a national basis what's already happening in New England.
    Curt Spalding said Wednesday that New England has been a leader with the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative and other efforts and that the goal is to create a framework for all states to reduce carbon-monoxide emissions from power plants.
    Spalding spoke at the event at the University of Southern Maine.

New Carbon Rules: Is New England Already Complying?

May 20, 2014
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Coal-burning power plants are bracing for new carbon regulations due out in June. In the Midwest where there are states that get as much as 70 percent of their electricity from coal, many are worried that these new regulations will cost jobs.  But New England may already be compliant with the rules before they are even written.