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A group of southern Maine lawyers, business people and environmental advocates, including former lawmakers John Brautigam and Dick Woodbury, submitted a request for a Citizen's Petition with the secretary of state earlier this month aimed at creating a consumer-owned utility.

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Opponents of a 145-mile proposed transmission line through Western Maine are launching a second effort to let voters have a say on the project.

AUGUSTA, Maine - Central Maine Power is launching a $4,000 incentive for installation of 240-volt charging stations for electric cars.

AUGUSTA, Maine - Maine's secretary of state won't be putting a referendum targeting a 145-mile  hydropower transmission corridor on the November ballot.


Update 12:40 p.m. August 13, 2020: Maine court rules that the peoples' veto effort on CMP transmission line is unconstitutional

Maine’s highest court heard oral arguments Wednesday on whether voters should get a chance to force state regulators to revoke their approval of Central Maine Power's controversial powerline project.

PORTLAND, Maine - Maine's highest court is scheduled to hear arguments about the future of a citizens' campaign to block a much-debated hydropower project.


The Penobscot Nation is coming out in opposition to Central Maine Power’s proposed transmission line through Maine’s western woods.

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Two national companies with natural gas plants in Maine will dump nearly $6 million on television ads aimed at shoring up opposition to a high-profile transmission project benefitting Central Maine Power and Hydro-Quebec.

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The state’s Bureau of Parks and Lands has signed a revised deal with Central Maine Power to lease a public parcel for the utility’s controversial power line through western Maine. It makes some key changes, but opponents say under the state constitution, the lease still needs to be approved by a two-thirds majority of the Legislature.

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A Cumberland County Superior Court judge ruled on Monday that a citizens initiative aimed at killing Central Maine Power’s power line project can stay on the November ballot.

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Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap says a ballot measure that backers hope would kill Central Maine Power’s proposed power line through the state’s western woods may well be unconstitutional. But he also says it should stay on the ballot.

Central Maine Power is agreeing to create a half-million-dollar fund to assist customers who’ve been affected by the pandemic.

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The state Department of Environmental Protection and the Land Use Planning Commission signed off today on vital land use permits Central Maine Power needs for its proposed 151-mile power line through western Maine.


The state's highest court has ruled that Maine voters will have their say on Central Maine Power's proposed billion-dollar powerline through western Maine in November.

PORTLAND, Maine - Maine's Supreme Court says it will rule "expeditiously" on disputed petitions needed to proceed with a November referendum on a $1 billion hydropower transmission corridor project.