civil discourse

Stock image showing two men arguing about politics, ostensibly.

The Maine Council of Churches is sponsoring a series of discussions around the issue of civil discourse in public and political life. A panel of experts convened recently to discuss this issue addressing questions such as what is civil discourse and what is not; when is negativity uncivil, is it possible to run a civil campaign, and is there a danger of civil discourse being used as an excuse to suppress radical opinions?

PORTLAND, Maine - In most election years comes the call for a return to "civility" in politics, which is usually then drowned in a sea of negative ads and far-slung mud. Undaunted, the Maine Council of Churches has launched an initiative called the Covenant for Civil Discourse, which encourages hundreds of candidates for public office in Maine to abide by a general set of rules of behavior. Keith Shortall spoke recently with the Council's Rev.