Federal fishing managers say commercial fishing for Atlantic cod is limited by closures off the coast of New England this spring. 

PORTLAND, Maine - Fishing regulators are proposing another cutback to the catch limits for Atlantic cod, but some environmentalists say the move isn't significant enough to slow the loss of the species.

LUBEC, Maine - American fishermen are expected to get a little more fishing quota under terms of an agreement with Canada.

PORTLAND, Maine - The federal government is shutting down recreational cod fishing in a key fishing area off New England for several months.

BOSTON - The recreational fishery for a species of fish that has experienced population collapse in recent history could reopen.

Maine Cod Fishery Plummets To Least Valuable Year Since 1960s

Mar 18, 2019
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PORTLAND, Maine — Maine's cod fishery, once one of the most lucrative in the Northeast, has declined to the point that it had its least valuable year in more than a half-century in 2018.

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This documentary film explores environmental issues impacting the Gulf of Maine: topography; history, including depletion of cod stocks, puffin seabird restoration; and sustainable lobstering. The film follows the fimmaker and her family on a week's cruise along the Maine coast interviewing experts such as Colin Woodard, the author of The Lobster Coast, Stephen Kress (from Project Puffin), Diane Cowan (lobster conservationist), Sherm Stanley and Foy Brown, two longtime lobstermen and Carl Wilson a lobster biologist from the DMR and get a first hand look at their project sites along the coast.

PORTLAND, Maine - Federal fishing regulators are planning a host of changes to the quota limits of several important New England fish, including cod.

New England fishermen search for cod in two key fishing areas, Georges Bank and the Gulf of Maine. Regulators have enacted a series of cutbacks to the cod quota in those areas in recent years as cod stocks have dwindled.

PORTLAND, Maine - Federal regulators are denying a request from a coalition of environmental groups to prohibit fishing of imperiled Gulf of Maine cod.

Cod are an important food species that New England fishermen have sought for centuries. Regulators and scientists say the stock is struggling because the level of cod spawning in the Gulf of Maine is a fraction of target levels. The federal government implemented a drastic reduction in catch limits on May 1.

PORTLAND, Maine - Federal regulators are debating emergency restrictions to the Gulf of Maine's cod fishery.

The New England Fishery Management Council is considering the restrictions at its meeting in Hyannis, Massachusetts, on Thursday. The three-day meeting began on Tuesday and concludes Thursday.

SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine - Federal regulators are recommending a host of new restrictions to protect the Gulf of Maine's declining cod fishery.

The federal New England Fishery Management Council's Groundfish Oversight Committee on Wednesday recommended a battery of changes, including implementing expansions to existing inshore spawning closures. The panel also requested a review of the extent of cod by-catch in the lobster fishery.

SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine - A key federal panel is set to make a recommendation about the future of the Gulf of Maine's declining cod fish stock.

Scientists at the U.S. National Marine Fisheries Service say the amount of cod spawning in the Gulf is estimated at only 3 to 4 percent of its target level. That number represents a decline from 13 to 18 percent three years ago. The federal New England Fishery Management Council is working on new management measures for the fish. Measures could include a potential new quota for the 2015-16 fishing season that begins May 1.

PORTLAND, Maine — Regulators are set to begin reviewing a report that says the amount of cod spawning in the Gulf of Maine is at an all-time low.

Bad News for Cod Stocks

Aug 2, 2014

Federal fisheries officials are preparing to release a stock assessment update for Gulf of Maine cod and NOAA Fisheries says, unfortunately, the news is not good.