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Maine Gov. Janet Mills says she plans to make a "major announcement" at Thursday's COVID-19 briefing, scheduled for noon.

PORTLAND, Maine - A Portland meat-processing plant where 51 workers tested positive for the coronavirus is set to reopen.

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Members of the Maine legislature’s Labor and Housing Committee met in person and electronically with Labor Commissioner Laura Fortman Wednesday afternoon in an unusual hearing on the state's response to the surge in unemployment applications. Committee members had dozens of questions about the problems with providing benefits to tens of thousands of Mainers who've lost work as a result of the pandemic.

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Maine Gov. Janet Mills hinted Wednesday that her administration might soon modify its plan to allow restaurants to resume some operations.

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Memorial Day, the traditional start to the summer tourist season, is less than a month away, and pressure is mounting to get Vacationland back in business. The state is taking a cautious approach to reopening during the ongoing pandemic, and the tourism industry is responding with outrage and optimism.

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As Maine's total number of COVID-19 cases rose by another 28, and the disease took another life, Maine Gov. Janet Mills said she's convening an Economic Recovery Committee comprised of  37 business, government and municipal leaders, lawmakers, representatives of Maine's tourism industry and other stakeholders.

Treasury To Begin Distributing Virus Relief Money To Tribes

May 6, 2020

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. — The U.S. Treasury Department says it will begin distributing billions in coronavirus relief funding to tribes.

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Mark Vogelzang, Maine Public president and CEO, discusses the different ways in which the organization has responded to the coronavirus pandemic. He'll also describe the new initiatives and programs that Maine Public is putting forth during this critical time.

The coronavirus has changed all of our lives, and this month Maine Public is looking at some of the big emerging issues here, including the state’s public health response to the virus, its impact on the economy and education during social distancing.

For more than a month, Maine has confronted the coronavirus, which is affecting all Maine people. Mainers living through this coronavirus economic slowdown are getting a glimpse of what happened in the Great Depression. Unemployment is soaring. Many are having trouble paying bills. Food pantries are seeing spikes in visits.

The public library in the town of Gray opened for limited browsing today, one of the first libraries in Maine to reopen since the COVID-19 emergency began.

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Not all businesses have suffered during the pandemic — some in Maine are booming.

Gneiss Spice in Bethel – Gneiss as in the bedrock common in parts of Maine — sells spice jars and spice refills online, and is doing pretty well.

Beth Weisberger, the company’s owner, told Maine Public that feelings of success, at a time when others are hurting, is complicated.

This interview has been edited for clarity.

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Four more Mainers infected with the coronavirus have died, and another 21 new cases have been identified. That's according to Maine CDC Director Dr. Nirav Shah, who discussed the new figures Tuesday at a live briefing in Augusta.

New information and research continues to emerge regarding COVID-19. We will discuss the evolving knowledge about the disease, including: a range of different symptoms; promising treatment; testing for both the virus itself, and for antibodies to the virus; and development of a vaccine. How are medical and scientific experts seeking answers to the many unknowns of this pandemic?

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Twenty new cases of COVID-19 have occurred in Maine in the past 24 hours, for a total of 1,205 since the pandemic began, and at least five additional cases identified Monday afternoon that will be added into Tuesday's total.