Courts and Crime

  Jeff Clements is an attorney, author and activist, who founded the organization Free Speech for People, a national, non-partisan campaign to challenge the creation of Constitutional rights for corporations, overturn Citizens United v. FEC, and strengthen American democracy and republican self-government.

  Professor of history at Bowdoin College, Allen Wells, discussed the problems facing the country of Mexico. Namely, how political gridlock and drug violence have fostered a state of political paralysis. The drug war has consumed the country over the last few years at a cost of 40,000 murders in Mexico.

  Speaking in Maine returns to Camden and the Mid-Coast Forum on Foreign Relations, for an address by Ira Glasser, longtime Director of the ACLU and now President of the Drug Policy Alliance. Glasser points out that use of all drugs has gone down in countries such as Portugal and Holland where usage is decriminalized.

Ira Glasser was for much of his adult life the Executive Director of the ACLU and in this capacity became a spokesman for civil rights in general and a thorn in the side of most of the last eight administrations.

  Speaking in Maine offers a talk by U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder. He was at the University of Maine in Orono to deliver the William S. Cohen Lecture. Senator and former Secretary of Defense Cohen introduced Holder and took part in the Q and A.