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Dr. Nirav Shah returns to answer questions about the continuing surge in COVID-19 cases, the start of vaccine distribution in Maine, and what to expect with the state's response to the pandemic in the new year.

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Dr. Nirav Shah, director, Maine Center for Disease Control & Prevention, joins us to discuss the arrival of the first doses of COVID-19 vaccine in Maine and how they will be administered, as well as the state’s response to the escalating pandemic. As always, Dr. Shah will answer listener questions about safety, face coverings, testing, contact tracing and more.

We talk with medical experts about what is causing the surge in Covid-19 cases, new recommendations on preventing transmission, advances in testing and treatments, and what the latest vaccine developments mean for Mainers.

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With the state's concerning rise in COVID-19 cases, and continuing calls to bolster Maine's economy as we head into the winter, Gov. Janet Mills is facing a a renewed set of challenges due to the pandemic. We find out her plans for balancing public health and the economy, and we discuss her legislative priorities. We'll also hear her reaction on results of the contentious election, and what it will mean for Maine.

At the beginning of this program, we will talk briefly with Maine CDC director Nirav Shah about the surging caes of Covid-19 in Maine.

Since the start of the pandemic, non-Covid medical care has had to shift gears—not only in how care is delivered to patients, but in how providers and patients have prioritized their health care. We talk about the repercussions of putting off routine or preventive care, how telemedicine is working, and how the pandemic is affecting those with chronic diseases and other serious health concerns.

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Our panel of editorial page editors returns to discuss the high-profile election, the latest on the surging cases of COVID-19 statewide, and other newsmaking Maine headlines in in October.

Since the onset of the pandemic, the already prevalent problems of scams have gotten worse, often using some reference to COVID-19 to target people--particularly older people. Some pose as contact tracers to get private information; others claim to offer cures or tests--for a price--to prey on victims. We will learn about the nature of these scams, and what to do to spot them--or to deal with the aftermath if you've fallen for one.

We check in on how the start of school has been for districts across the state, whether students are attending in-person, remotely, or in some hybrid of the two. We’ll talk to educators, parents, students—and Maine’s DOE Commissioner about the challenges and successes of the first weeks of school, and we’ll hear about some schools that have had to alter their game plans.

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Nirav Shah, director, Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention, joins us for an update on the pandemic and the state’s response. He’ll answer questions about recent outbreaks, face coverings, testing, contact tracing, reopening and more.

We discuss how to handle the inevitable challenges that students and families will have to deal with as they return to school—whether it’s online or in-person. We’ll address the range of issues, from mental health and anxiety to the effects of mask-wearing and distancing—especially on younger kids and those with special needs.

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Governor Janet Mills addresses the pressing issues facing the state during the pandemic. We'll discuss the controversies over how to continue to reopen the economy, how to start the school year, and how to enforce Covid-19 safety guidelines statewide. We will also find out what financial support the state is offering those suffering from the pandemic, and how Maine is paying for these funds.

Maine CDC director Nirav Shah also join us for a few minutes for an update on the ongoing work to stem the spread of Covid-19.

In recent years, Maine has attracted a gradual influx of people from other states, mostly moving here for the quality of life. For the sake of the state's economic health, there have been concerted efforts to attract more people--especially younger people--to live and work here. Now, with the Covid pandemic forcing people to work from home, many have discovered the appeal of living in Maine and working remotely. We'll hear about the benefits and the challenges posed by this trend, and talk to some who are making it work. 

Maine Maritime Museum

Museums are a major draw for locals and visitors to Maine, with a range of offerings, from art to history to culture. These attractions, like many, came to a halt during the pandemic. We'll discuss the challenges museums have been facing these past months, how they are reaching audiences, and what their plans are for the future. We'll also discuss the role that museums play in people's lives—as well as Maine’s economy.

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This show is a rebroadcast of an earlier program (original air date July 14, 2020); no calls will be taken.

The use of face coverings has become a polarizing issue in Maine and nationwide. Now, Gov. Mills has issued stricter guidelines for wearing masks in public places. We discuss the many charged issues involving mask-wearing: medical reasons, state guidelines and enforcement, political symbolism, psychological effects, reasons some cannot wear masks and more.

Whether or not to re-open K-12 schools for in-person instruction in the fall has become a heated national debate. We’ll examine what factors are being considered in Maine, from public health concerns to the role schools play in providing instruction and support to families. We will hear from state leadership, educators, a health professional, students and parents to explore the complex dilemma of how to keep kids learning during the Covid-19 pandemic.