We discuss the latest research and information about Covid-19, including risk factors, long-term effects, and vaccine progress. We'll also hear the medical perspective about questions raised by President Trump's symptoms and treatment for the disease—including what we know about therapeutics and immunity.

Two experts join us to discuss the latest medical news about COVID-19: new information about transmission of the virus; evidence of chronic symptoms; effects on children; new treatments and therapies; testing for the virus and its antibodies; the prospects for a vaccine and how that will impact the pandemic.

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As the state opens up its borders and businesses, the demand for COVID-19 testing is going up.

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The Maine Center for Disease Control Wednesday reported 23 additional cases of COVID-19 and one more death in the state, as the Mills administration released "prevention checklists" for businesses that will be allowed to reopen July 1.

While we have all gained some measure of expertise on COVID-19, a steady stream of new research and information about the disease continues to raise more questions. What are the different ways this disease can affect the body? Do we know more about the ways it is transmitted, or about immunity? We’ll find out how scientific and medical research informs decisions regarding what makes sense regarding quarantines and re-opening.

For many people who have come to Maine recently from other countries, the pandemic has created additional challenges to their already difficult time living and working here. We’ll find out how these communities are coping during the COVID-19 crisis. How are they getting information about health and safety guidelines? Have there been a disproportionate number of COVID-19 cases among these communities? Has the crisis impeded the legal processes for them to get settled here? We'll also talk about how the additional turmoil of the racial justice protests are affecting new Mainers.

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Rhode Island-based CVS Health will offer tests for COVID-19 at four pharmacy drive-up sites in Maine beginning Friday.

Conspiracy theories can range from the absurd to the believable. Currently, there are plenty of conspiracy theories about COVID-19 – where it originated, if it’s related to 5G, and more. We’ll discuss why some conspiracy theories stick, what makes people believe certain ideas, and how they can polarize society.

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Gov. Janet Mills announced Tuesday that her administration is prepared to quadruple the number of people who identify and help isolate people who have been exposed to the coronavirus through what is known as contact tracing.

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The daily case count of COVID-19 in Maine has increased by 71 since yesterday Thursday, and two more people have died.

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Maine Gov. Janet Mills says that she has taken steps to curtail state expenditures through June in order to get through the remainder of the budget year. But the economic effects of the pandemic will also require plans to deal with hundreds of millions of dollars in lost state revenues in the year to come.

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A small group of protestors, some with beach chairs and “Don't Tread on Me” flags, gathered near the Old Orchard Beach pier Sunday to protest a town policy that prohibits sunbathing and sitting on the beach. Walking and swimming on the beach are allowed.

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Members of Congress traditionally celebrate Memorial Day by taking a week off, but Maine's two Senators say with the need for COVID-19 relief legislation, that should not be the case this year.

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The Maine Center for Disease Control reported 39 new cases of COVID-19 Sunday, for a total of 1,687. No new deaths related to the disease were reported.

Caitlin Troutman / Maine Public

The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases continues to increase in Maine, and the state Center for Disease Control is reporting an additional death.