Cybersecurity risks and vulnerabilities continue to present the need for our nation and its citizens to have plans in place for defense of our information and infrastructure.

It's the time of year when many of us try to clean house and get rid of clutter. Yet we tend to forget about the digital clutter that leads to disorganization and loss of productivity, as well as increased security risk. From emails that never get deleted to photos that take up valuable storage space, our panelists discuss ways to tackle digital decluttering, and why it matters.

The recent security breach involving Marriott is just the latest in a steady stream of cyber-attacks that affect companies and individuals. We’ll hear from experts on how to spot cyber-scams, how to practice safe cyber habits, and how to protect your systems in advance.


Feb 13, 2017

Cybersecurity has become a major concern, internationally and here in Maine. How can we protect our nation, our systems and our own personal information from the constant threats of hacking? The good news is: Concerted efforts are being put in place to increase cybersecurity measures, here and abroad.


Sari Greene, founder of Sage Data Security; leader and author in the field of information security

Edward Sihler, Technical Director, Maine Cyber Security Cluster at University of Maine

CyberSecurity Contest at UMaine

Mar 12, 2016

 PORTLAND, Maine (AP) _ The University of Maine is hosting a cybersecurity contest at its main campus in Orono.

  Recently Sen. Susan Collins addressed the annual meeting of the World Affairs Council of Maine. Her address was entitled: The Cybersecurity Challenge: Protecting Our Nation and Our Economy.