Dan Price


Oct 3, 2017

Dementia affects four to five million Americans, most of them older, and its primary symptoms include memory loss and change in behavior. Alzheimer’s is one of the main forms of dementia. We’ll learn about how to identify, prevent and treat dementia—and what it involves for caregivers, as well as for society as a whole.


Dr. Heidi Wierman, Division Director for Geriatrics at Maine Medical Center and Maine Medical Partners

Personality Disorders

Jul 6, 2017

Two psychiatric experts discuss the range of personality disorders that affect young people to adults, including how to recognize and treat them, and how to differentiate between personality and temperament.

Guests: Dr. Robyn Ostrander, Interim Chief of Psychiatry, Maine Medical Center

Dr. Dan Price, Director, General Psychiatry Residency, Maine Medical Center