Those dealing with substance use disorder in Maine already face multiple challenges. We’ll discuss how the COVID-19 pandemic has added to the obstacles they face in trying to recover – and what is being done by those helping to treat and support them during this time of social distancing. We’ll also hear about the state’s efforts to address these difficult issues.


As deaths from opioids are slowing, deaths involving methamphetamine are on the rise. The most recent CDC data shows a 21% increase in deaths involving methamphetamines in one year. Local officials say Maine reflects the national trend, with more deaths and alarming cases. According to his girlfriend, the suspect in the recent brutal attack of a couple in Bridgton was “high” on meth. Last month, a 21-one year old Bangor mother accused of exposing her baby to meth through her breast milk entered a plea deal that involves Maine’s drug court. We learn about the properties of meth, where it is coming from and what it is becoming the latest drug crisis in Maine.

This show is part of Maine Calling’s ongoing focus on substance use in Maine.

Maine Medical Association

As Maine's first director of opioid response, Gordon Smith is tasked with coordinating state efforts to combat the opioid epidemic. Smith will be Mills’ point person for coordinating interagency efforts to address Maine’s opioid crisis, which continues to claim an average of more than one life every day.


We talk with people who are various stages of recovery from opioid addiction. They share their experiences and offer their advice to those who are suffering from addiction – and they'll discuss ideas for dealing with the current opioid crisis in Maine.

Opioid Crisis in Maine

Sep 20, 2017

Despite expanded treatment options and greater availability of Narcan, Maine's opioid death rate remains shockingly high - with an average of one overdose death per day in the state.  We examine why and what can--and needs--to be done.

Guests:  Dr. Jonathan Fellers, Assistant Clinical Professor, Tufts University School of Medicine; Medical Director, Integrated Medication-Assisted Treatment, Maine Medical Center / Maine Medical Partners / Maine Behavioral Health

Michael Sauschuck, Portland Police Chief

Mugshots for Randall Daluz and Nicholas Sexton
Penobscot County Sheriff/Chris Sweet/MPBN

PORTLAND, Maine (AP) _ The trial of two men accused of killing three Maine residents whose bodies were found in a burning car is set to open in Bangor.

Randall Daluz and Nicholas Sexton are charged in Penobscot County with three counts of murder and one count of starting a fire with the intent to destroy property. Jury selection begins Monday.

Authorities have said the victims were shot before the car was torched Aug. 13, 2012, amid a drug dispute.


Mar 13, 2014

  Each day people consume a drug derived from a natural insecticide. That drug is caffeine and former MPBN News reporter Murray Carpenter has written a book on the subject titled Caffeinated: How Our Daily Habit Helps, Hurts and Hooks Us.

Host Keith Shortall speaks with:

Murray Carpenter, author of Caffeinated: How Our Daily Habit Helps, Hurts and Hooks Us.