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Many Maine communities have pared back or dropped recycling programs in an effort to guard workers from potential exposure to the COVID-19 virus. Some big supermarkets have also curtailed in-store redemption efforts. To accommodate these moves, Gov. Janet Mills has ordered that the state ease enforcement of some recycling rules.

Waste management company ecomaine says a pilot project that sent recycling interns into several communities last summer was a success, reducing contamination by about 5 percent.

PORTLAND, Maine - A manager of a Maine recycling facility has been fired and named in a search warrant in connection with the theft of more than $300,000.

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One person’s trash, it has been said, is another person’s treasure — except when it comes to recycling. 

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Plastics harm the environment in many different ways, on land and in the ocean. They entangle wildlife, create massive floating islands of trash in the oceans, break down into microplastics which are ingested in the food stream they get ingested, and they are often not recyclable. Different kinds of plastics are problems: plastic bags, microbeads, balloons, bottles. We will learn more about the problems with plastics and what we can do to reduce their impact.


Recycling: How Well Is It Being Done?

Jun 25, 2018

China has drastically curtailed its import of recycled materials from the United States. We’ll learn about the impact of this decision on recycling programs in Maine. We’ll also learn about the right and wrong ways to recycle some everyday products.

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A collapse in the global recycling market is having reverberations in Maine.

Local recyclers are facing financial and logistical challenges brought on by a lack of global demand.

On Jan. 1, China banned 24 kinds of recyclables it used to import. That ban affects material sales for organizations like ecomaine.

General manager Kevin Roche says moving waste like residential paper is more costly than it was last year.

SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine - Two Maine cities are starting a food waste recycling program.

The Press Herald reports that South Portland and Scarborough will debut their weekly curbside food pickup program Thursday at ecomaine's energy plant in Portland. Both cities have partnered with ecomaine, University of Southern Maine and an Exeter dairy farm for the pilot program.

The Future of Recycling

Oct 13, 2016

Ever-increasing demand for dealing with compost, plastic bags and other trash call for new methods and approaches to recycling across Maine.

Guests: Kevin Roche, CEO of Ecomaine

Shelby Wright, Maine Resource Recovery Association

Tyler Frank, founder of Garbage to Garden

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Open up a refrigerator and the chances of finding limp lettuce or soggy squash are pretty high. Here in the U.S., it’s likely that this food will find its way into the garbage — according to the USDA, at least 30 percent of the nation’s food supply is wasted.

A new program launched Wednesday by ecomaine aims to get that food out of the trash and give it a second life as compost or energy.