Commissioner Heather Johnson joins us to discuss the economic challenges and opportunities facing Maine, and how she hopes to foster growth and revitalization throughout the state.. We'll talk about topics ranging from: tax relief to community block grants; re-energizing rural communities; the role of tourism in Maine; challenges in housing, wages, and strengthening the workforce; broadband, infrastructure, and more.

The Maine state economist and the head of the Maine Development Foundation discuss the economic outlook for Maine in 2019.

Amanda Rector, Maine state economist

Yellow Light Breen, president & CEO, Maine Development Foundation

Toys R Us is closing, Amazon is reporting an astonishing 30 percent increase in net revenue for the most recent quarter and many malls — including the Bangor Mall — face an uncertain future. We’ll hear from an expert on the retail sector about what the changing retail landscape may mean for employment trends and community vitality.

Economic Outlook for 2018

Jan 3, 2018

Our panel discusses the economic forecast for Maine in the year ahead.

Amanda Rector, Maine State Economist

Yellow Light Breen, Maine Development Foundation President and CEO

Tax Policy

Dec 4, 2017

We discuss the tax overhaul bill and what it could mean for Mainers and the rest of the country.

Guests:  Dick Woodbury, economist and former State Senator.

A.J. Higgins / Maine Public

Congress has recessed for the summer and hundreds of lawmakers have fled the beltway to reconnect with constituents in their home states. Today Independent Sen. Angus King was in the Millinocket area, which has been economically ravaged by the loss of two paper mills, but is hoping for a rebirth. The region’s fate may depend on decisions that come directly from Washington.

The title still for The Millennial Dream

Maine Public TV Air Times:
Thur., August 31 at 10:00 pm
Sat., Sept. 2 at 11:00 am

Over the last decade The American Dream has been called into question. This documentary poses a new paradigm for an economy based on millennial ideals.

For more information about this production visit the film-maker's website.

Economic Preview

Jan 4, 2017

Leading Maine economists join us to share their thoughts on the economic outlook for Maine in 2017


Amanda Rector, Maine State Economist

Charlie Colgan, professor emeritus of economics at University of Southern Maine

Yellow Light Breen, President & CEO of the Maine Development Foundation

International financial markets, as well as markets here in the states, continue to process last week's economic implications of the Brexit vote.  MPBN's Jennifer Rooks asked Janine Cary, President and State Director of International Trade at the Maine International Trade Center, for her take on events and how they could impact Maine companies...

By Matthew Stone, Bangor Daily News

Last summer, the Maine Department of Health and Human Services publicly touted plans to use more than $3 million in unspent federal welfare funds in an “innovative” way that would direct more money to services for elderly and disabled Mainers.

What is the economic outlook in Maine for the upcoming year?

Guests:  Amanda Rector, Maine State Economist

  Charlie Colgan, economist and economic forecaster

Yellow Light Breen, President & CEO, Maine Development Foundation

Mark Vogelzang and David Brancaccio

David Brancaccio, host of the Marketplace Morning Report on American Public Media discusses the Fed's reported possible interest rate hikes as well as a range of other topics.

The economy spent the first half of the year lurching from decline during the winter to a strong rebound this spring. Where we might be now, and what may lie ahead, are subjects for a chat with Bruce McCain, the chief investment strategist for Key Private Bank.

SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine — Sales of single-family homes in Maine, along with the median sales price, were up modestly in July compared to the year before. The Maine Association of Realtors is reporting that Maine home sales saw a two percent increase last month. The median price increased 1.4 percent to $181,500.

Maine Association of Realtors President Angelia Levesque says it appears that the market is steadying.

This morning, a look at what innovation looked like in the 19th century. Our guide is Howard Segal, a history professor at the University of Maine. He wrote an essay for the current Maine Policy Review in which he pointed out Maine's economy that century was much more complex than people give it credit for.

Next week, a look ahead at the skills Maine needs to innovate in the 21st century.