There was a time when an apprenticeship was the standard way to learn a trade and secure a future. Now, in some fields, apprenticeships are seeing a resurgence. Join us to learn about apprenticeship programs in Maine, and why and how apprenticeships can prepare employees to step into jobs that are unfilled in today’s labor market.


Attracting more young people to Maine is viewed as a critical key to our state’s economic health and future vitality.

Purposeful Work

Jan 17, 2018

This show will be broadcast live from Bates College

Now in its fourth year, Bates College's Purposeful Work initiative is a structured program of supported exploration, discovery, self-reflection, and skill-building designed to align students' interests and talents with the work they will ultimately pursue after graduation. The core philosophy is infused into all aspects of the Bates experience and has a proven track record. We’ll discuss how this program is fostering connections between Maine companies and the next generation of potential employees, and how the tenets of the program's philosophy can be leveraged at every career level.

Guests:  Clayton Spencer, President of Bates College

Rebecca Fraser-Thill, Lecturer, Associate Department Chair of Psychology, Bates College

Reed Mszar, Senior at Bates College

Summer Job Market

Apr 7, 2017

As summer approaches, many Maine businesses are on the hunt for part-time or temporary help.  But Maine’s low unemployment rate and the tightening of the H1B visa program are making it a challenge for businesses to find workers. We’ll hear from the Maine Department of Labor as well from leaders of the Maine Tourism and Restaurant and Innkeeper’s associations about the challenges – and opportunities – facing Maine Businesses.

Guests:  Julie Rabinowitz, Director of Policy, Operations and Communication, Maine Department of Labor


Experts offer strategies on how recent college graduates can find a job.

Guests:  Lisa Miller, Founder & Chief Career Catalyst at C2C College to Career

Meg Springer, Assistant Director of Career Planning at Bowdoin College

David Ciullo, President, Career Management Associates, Host of the HR Power Hour Radio Show, President of Lincolnshire International


The unemployment rate for people with disabilities is twice that of those not disabled.  Learn why employing people with disabilities is a win - win for the employee - and the employer. 

Guests:  Jesus Larualez, director  of Work Opportunities Unlimited in Portland, Augusta and Brunswick.
Betsy Hopkins, Director, Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, Maine's Department of Labor
Lisa Sturtevant, Employment Services Specialist with DHHS's Office of Aging and Disability Services

  How small businesses create jobs, how best to market yourself, and where the best places are to look for work.

Host Jennifer Rooks was joined by 

Mary Kozicki LaFontaine, Manager, Lewiston CareerCenter

Tom Dowd, owner of a Professional Development & Coaching company and author of "The Transformation of a Doubting Thomas: Growing from a Cynic to a Professional in the Corporate World" 

Can Women Have it All?

May 9, 2013

  Women are trying to balance work and family life. Can they? Is it possible?

 Host Suzanne Nance was joined by:

Joan Fortin, partner at Bernstein Shur, and mother of two.

Lana Wescott, mother of 3 young children. She left a successful career in the healthcare industry and is now self-employed.

Susan Feiner, Professor of Women and Gender Studies and Economics, USM

Helping People With Disabilities Find Work

Apr 11, 2013

  Tips and strategies for helping people with disabilities find work. Why employing people with disabilities makes good business sense.

 Host Keith Shortall was joined by:

Kathy Higgins, L.L. Bean Manufacturing 

David Bartage, P&G/Tambrands

and Betsy Hopkins, Department of Labor, Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

Maine Business Leadership Network

Employment For ME

Getting a Job

Apr 9, 2013


  A panel of experts with tips and strategies for finding work under challenging economic conditions.

Host Jennifer Rooks was joined by:

Paul W. Argereow, Workforce Solutions Business Services Representative

Mary LaFontaine, Lewiston CareerCenter manager

Ed McKersie, founder of ProSearch

Age Discrimination

Mar 19, 2013

  What are the challenges and opportunities for older workers? How to spot age discrimination and what can be done about it.

Host Keith Shortall was joined by:

Lori Parham, AARP Maine State Director

Jean Setzfand, AARP Vice President on Financial Security

Jeffrey N. Young, Esq., McTeague Higbee 

  Adolescents today face many of the same challenges all teens have - first jobs and first kisses, career choices and college applications. The advent of social media presents new pressures for today's teens.

Host Irwin Gratz was joined by:

Dr. Doug Robbins, Director, Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at Maine Medical Center

Caroline Levy, Falmouth HS senior

Mike Masic, Portland HS senior

  Charles Colgan recently unveiled his Economic Forecast for Maine.  His economic predictions for 2013 are based on his analysis of employment trends, income, retail sales, and a range of other indicators.

  USM Muskie School of Public Service Professor of Public Policy & Management Charles Colgan will give his economic forecast for 2011. Colgan’s economic predictions are based on his analysis of employment trends, income, retail sales, and a range of other indicators.

Access the slides referenced in Dr. Colgan's Talk