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This week Gov. Janet Mills issued an executive order to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The goal is to boost enforcement of a previous statewide order to wear face coverings in public when physical distancing is difficult.

Willis Ryder Arnold / Maine Public File

Gov. Janet Mills has extended the civil state of emergency for another 30 days and is now requiring certain businesses in Maine’s coastal counties and largest cities to enforce a state mandate to wear masks.

Kris Hall

As the COVID-19 crisis goes on, some people are looking to help out by making masks for medical workers and others who are working and living in situations that put them at high risk for contracting the disease. Many have found it's easy enough to sew the masks, but hard to get them where they're most needed.

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President Trump said Friday the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention now recommends that people wear cloth or fabric face coverings, which can be made at home, when entering public spaces such as grocery stores and public transit stations. It is mainly to prevent those people who have the virus — and might not know it — from spreading the infection to others.