Lewiston Police say they have determined that the death of officer Nicholas Meserve in February was caused by an accidental overdose of Fentanyl. Police also say Meserve had taken drug evidence from a crime scene less than one month before he died.


On Monday, Maine Gov. Janet Mills' administration will hold its first summit on addressing the opioid crisis. It will bring together health providers, advocates, police and other first responders as well as people whose lives have been touched by opioid addiction.


Drug overdose deaths in Maine decreased in the first quarter of 2019, according to the state attorney general's office.

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Doctors in Maine have made the sharpest reductions in the country in the amount of fentanyl they prescribe. Fentanyl prescriptions from Maine physicians fell by almost 31 percent between 2016 and 2017. That's according to a study from the University of New England, Husson University and Pennsylvania's Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine.

WESTBROOK, Maine - Officials say two Maine police officers were briefly hospitalized after being exposed to the dangerous synthetic opioid fentanyl while performing a traffic stop.

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U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions was in Portland Friday promoting a boosted effort to enforce opioid laws in regions, including Maine, that have been hit especially hard by the epidemic.

PORTLAND, Maine - Maine jail officials say they shut down the intake area of the Cumberland County Jail when fentanyl was found spilled in the back of a police cruiser.
Capt. Wayne Pike said in a statement that he was transporting a 29-year-old suspect to the jail early Sunday morning when he discovered the suspect spilled fentanyl on the floor of his cruiser's backseat. Pike says the jail intake had to be shut down until the cruiser and intake area could be decontaminated.

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A urine test could become another tool in the fight to reduce opioid overdose deaths in Maine. The test screens for fentanyl, a synthetic opioid that caused more than half of the 418 drug overdose deaths in the state last year. Some health advocates say the test can be used to check drugs before they’re injected, but others say it’s an unscientific method that could actually cause harm.

BRUNSWICK, Maine - The Maine Drug Enforcement Agency has arrested a Maine man accused of getting off an Amtrak train with 1,200 doses of fentanyl, a highly potent narcotic.
Agents say 32-year-old James Young-Dumont tried to run but was quickly detained Tuesday in Brunswick. He's charged with aggravated trafficking, violation of bail and failure to appear in court.
Agents say he had 120 grams of fentanyl with a street value of $22,000 in his pocket. The drug is a culprit in the growing number of overdose deaths in Maine.

Maine continues to see a record number of overdose deaths. The latest figures show 189 people have died of overdoses in the first six months of his year. That’s up from 126 during the same time last year. As Mal Leary reports state officials are worried the state is on track to see close to 400 by the end of December.

AUGUSTA, Maine - Maine Attorney General Janet Mills announced today that the number of opiate overdose fatalities in the state is keeping pace with the high rate set last year. And she says deaths from heroin and a powerful synthetic opiate called fentanyl are climbing.

In response to a spate of overdoses this week, Maine Attorney General Janet Mills is warning people about a deadly mixture of heroin, caffeine and fentanyl, and also about a new mixture called acetyl fentanyl.  These appear to be causing users to overdose more quickly than if they were using straight heroin.