Food insecurity

A program designed to help school-age children access food during school closures caused by the pandemic is set to expire at the end of September if Congress does not take action to extend it.

Good Shepherd Food Bank

The newest COVID-19 stimulus plan that Senate Republicans released Monday would cut supplemental unemployment benefits from $600 to $200 a week. That would impact about 182,000 Mainers, including 46,000 children.

Nick Woodward / Maine Public

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, consumers have been getting nervous about supplies — not just about cleaning supplies and toilet paper, but also food.

Robert F. Bukaty / AP File

The Trump Administration has finalized new rules that state officials say would make more than one-thousand Mainers ineligible for food assistance, starting next April.

Caitlin Troutman / Maine Public

As many Mainers gather around loaded dinner tables for the most food-centric holiday of the year, others are unsure when their next meal may be.

Good Shepherd Food Bank

After a year of record low unemployment figures, the percentage of Maine households facing food insecurity remains above the national average.

Food Waste

Oct 5, 2016

“Feeding the 5000” takes place on 10/7. “Feeding the 5000” is a global one-day-only food festival designed to educate the public on the problem of food waste and to raise awareness around food and sustainability policy.  We’ll learn how this program uses recovered food  as a means to address food insecurity in Maine. We’ll also discuss the rise in efforts to collect organics for composting at schools and businesses and how this points to a better end for leftover food than landfill/incinerator.