Gov. Janet Mills

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Hundreds of lobstermen and their allies turned out for a unity rally in Stonington Sunday.

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Gov. Janet Mills announced Thursday that the state is relaxing eligibility rules for General Assistance and will allow qualified asylum seekers to apply. The decision comes as more than 350 migrants have arrived in Portland since early June from the southern U.S. border. Local officials say the new rule provides needed funding as many of the newly arrived families relocate to other towns around the state.

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More than 1,000 people working to address the opioid crisis in Maine met for a daylong summit in Augusta on Monday. Gov. Janet Mills says the goal is to foster collaboration between health providers, law enforcement and the recovery community to better respond to a public health issue that kills nearly one Mainer a day.

Campobello Whale Rescue

A showdown over lobsters and whales appears to be brewing between Maine and the federal government.

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The Maine Heritage Policy Center is criticizing Democratic Gov. Janet Mills for "a grotesque orgy of spending.”

The conservative advocacy organization held its largest annual fundraising event Thursday afternoon in South Portland, where CEO Matthew Gagnon said Mills proposed $8 billion spending plan was more than 11 percent bigger than the last enacted budget.

Gov. Janet Mills has held 39 bills for further consideration - ranging from sales tax exemptions to a measure allowing sports betting in Maine.

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Over the past week, Gov. Janet Mills has signed into law dozens of bills passed by the Maine lawmakers this session. For the two African American members of the Legislature, a pair of bills in particular stand out.

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Gov. Janet Mills has signed into law two bills that supporters say are aimed at reducing poverty in the state.

Mills Signs Net Neutrality Bill

Jun 25, 2019

Maine’s governor has signed a bill aiming to protect internet customers.

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Gov. Janet Mills has signed a package of four bills aimed at bringing down the cost of prescription drugs in Maine.

AUGUSTA, Maine - Maine lawmakers are voting on a two-year budget deal with a sticker price slightly below the governor's original $8 billion proposal thanks to surplus tax revenues and minor savings

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Democratic Gov. Janet Mills is attempting to establish new water quality protections to allow sustenance fishing by Maine's Native American tribes.

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With trade tensions escalating between the United States and China and a growing economic toll on Maine businesses — particularly lobster dealers — Gov. Janet Mills is emphasizing international trade as a vital part of the state's future.

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Maine Gov. Janet Mills' administration is embarking on an effort to develop a far-reaching, ten-year economic plan for the state.

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Gov. Janet Mills says while some states, including Alabama, are passing restrictions on abortion in hopes that the issue will be put before a more conservative U.S. Supreme Court, she doubts it will overturn the landmark Roe v. Wade decision that established an individual’s right to have an abortion.