Gov. Janet Mills

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Citing a spike in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations, Gov. Janet Mills announced Wednesday that she is postponing the reopening of indoor restaurant service in the state's three most populous counties.

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Two more people with COVID-19 have died in Maine, bringing the total number of deaths to 81.

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Gov. Janet Mills announced Tuesday that her administration is prepared to quadruple the number of people who identify and help isolate people who have been exposed to the coronavirus through what is known as contact tracing.

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Maine Gov. Janet Mills says that she has taken steps to curtail state expenditures through June in order to get through the remainder of the budget year. But the economic effects of the pandemic will also require plans to deal with hundreds of millions of dollars in lost state revenues in the year to come.

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Governor Janet Mills Wednesday has for the second time extended Maine’s state of civil emergency. The new state of emergency will last for thirty days through June 11, 2020.

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Buoyed by a new agreement to increase testing for the novel coronavirus, Maine Gov. Janet Mills is modifying her plan to restart the Maine economy. Her revised plan will allow restaurants and retail stores to reopen with new safety restrictions, but with a key caveat: It will only apply to mostly rural parts of the state.

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Maine Gov. Janet Mills says she plans to make a "major announcement" at Thursday's COVID-19 briefing, scheduled for noon.

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Maine Gov. Janet Mills hinted Wednesday that her administration might soon modify its plan to allow restaurants to resume some operations.

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Memorial Day, the traditional start to the summer tourist season, is less than a month away, and pressure is mounting to get Vacationland back in business. The state is taking a cautious approach to reopening during the ongoing pandemic, and the tourism industry is responding with outrage and optimism.

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Maine Gov. Janet Mills Tuesday released her plan to restart the state economy. But there are still a lot of questions about how it might work and how it affects businesses. We've brought in Maine Public's chief political correspondent Steve Mistler to help explain what we know so far and, hopefully, clear up some confusion.

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Maine Gov. Janet Mills says she's likely to announce Tuesday whether she'll extend her stay-at-home order, which expires Thursday. 

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Gov. Janet Mills has issued an executive order barring most evictions during the ongoing civil state of emergency. Mills announced the order during a press briefing Thursday, where she also unveiled a rental assistance relief program. Maine now joins several dozen states that have taken action on eviction, but some renters say more protection is needed.

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Updated April 16, 2020 at 2:56 p.m. ET.

Maine Gov. Janet Mills has issued an executive order that will bar landlords from evicting tenants during the coronavirus pandemic, and a $5 million relief program for eligible tenants who can't pay their rent.

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Maine's death toll from the COVID-19 outbreak grew by four overnight to 24, as the number of known cases continued to rise. According to new figures posted on the Maine Center for Disease Control website, Maine has now had a total of 770 cases of the coronavirus, an increase of 32 since Tuesday.

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Updated April 4, 2020 at 2:44 p.m. ET

Maine Gov. Janet Mills Tuesday announced a 30-day extension of her civil emergency declaration issued March 15. The move comes after another death in the state attributed to COVID-19, and an increase of 36 cases of the disease overnight, bringing the total of known cases to 738.