Hannah Pingree

Steve Mistler / Maine Public

Maine Gov. Janet Mills says a new report from the United Nations that is calling for unprecedented cuts in greenhouse gas emissions is unlikely to change the state's own climate change goals.


We will learn about the newly created Office of Policy Innovation & the Future, which Governor Mills chose Hannah Pingree to lead. Pingree’s role forges new territory beyond what was the scope of the state planning office, including future-oriented areas, such as climate change and children’s issues. Pingree will explain the challenges and goals of the office, and her hopes for what she can achieve in this uncharted role.


In advance of the Maine Real Estate & Development Association (MEREDA) conference on housing opportunities and solutions in Maine, we’ll learn about the issues facing developers and buyers when it comes to affordable housing and get the latest on Maine’s housing market.

Steve Mistler / Maine Public

Democratic Gov. Janet Mills is appointing former House Speaker Hannah Pingree to lead the governor's new Office of Innovation and the Future.

Your Vote 2014 Profile: Emily Cain

May 9, 2014
Maine Senate Democrats Office

Maine has a reputation for sending trailblazing female politicians to Washington. Two of those women, Republican  Senators Margaret Chase Smith and Olympia Snowe, first entered national politics by winning election to Maine's 2nd Congressional District.  This fall, another promising female politician from Maine hopes to take this same route.