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Maine Medical Center

Maine has more doses of the Pfizer vaccine than expected. According to the state CDC, hospitals have been able to extract at least one extra dose per vial. That means the state has about 20% more of a vaccine that’s in high demand and limited supply.

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Bishop Robert Deeley of the Diocese of Portland has said that people should receive the new coronavirus vaccine as a means of keeping each other safe when it becomes available.

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Nine more Mainers have died with COVID-19 on Thursday. The Maine CDC also added 590 cases of the disease — the 2nd consecutive day of record-breaking cases.

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The rollout of Maine’s first COVID-19 vaccinations for high risk health workers gained momentum today. About half a dozen hospitals are now running clinics, and by midday, the state CDC reported that close to 500 health care workers had received their first dose.

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The Maine CDC is reporting 551 additional cases of COVID-19 on Wednesday.

As the state mobilizes for an unprecedented immunization effort against COVID-19, the University of New England is preparing to train more than 100 pharmacists, technicians and pharmacy interns to administer the vaccine.

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Vaccinations for COVID-19 began in Maine on Tuesday. Frontline workers at Maine Medical Center in Portland and Southern Maine Health Care in Biddeford were the first to receive doses. It’s the beginning of a massive effort to get the pandemic under control, and a bright spot for health care workers as the case and death count keeps climbing.

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Six more people with COVID-19 have died and another 411 people have tested positive for the disease.

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The first 2,000 doses of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine arrived in Maine Monday morning at Northern Light’s Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor and Mercy Hospitals in Portland.

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Vaccine preparations are underway at long-term care facilities across the country, where workers and the most at-risk residents are supposed to be the first to get the shots as early as next week.

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The Maine CDC added 303 cases of COVID-19 to the state's total on Sunday.

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Seven more people have died with COVID-19 in Maine.

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The first shipments for a COVID-19 vaccine are expected to arrive in Maine next week, and the Mills administration announced on Friday that it has submitted a request for a second allotment.

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Three months into this a year, the vast majority of Maine’s public schools have managed to reopen classrooms, and health officials say they remain relatively safe — but as COVID-19 case numbers rise in Maine, schools are now facing shortages of teachers and other staff.

Three counties in Maine continue to have “elevated risk” of COVID-19 spread, and two other counties are being closely watched, as part of the state’s risk assessment system for schools.