Jennifer Mitchell / Maine Public

This year, there’s a new crop being harvested in Maine alongside apples, pumpkins and corn — hemp.

Jennifer Mitchell / Maine Public

The explosive growth in demand for hemp is propelling this crop to new importance in the state.  We’ll hear from hemp farmers and learn about the potential of hemp to impact Maine’s economy.

AUGUSTA, Maine - Lawmakers in Maine have overwhelmingly signed off on a bill designed to make clear that production and sale of hemp-derived food products are allowable in the state.


CBD, or cannabidiol, and hemp products are being used in foods, beverages and more, touted as beneficial to physical and mental health without the effects of cannabis. We’ll learn about the uses, regulations and outlook for these substances in Maine, now that the state is not allowing CBD in food products to be sold here.

By Marina Villeneuve, The Associated Press
AUGUSTA, Maine - So far, only the Passamaquoddy Tribe and a Portland resident have applied to grow what would be the state's first-ever licensed crops of industrial hemp.
They're setting off into unknown territory in Maine at a time when federal law prohibits commercial hemp cultivation.

Erik Fenderson / Wikimedia Commons

AUGUSTA, Maine - A new effort to legalize hemp in Maine for commercial and industrial purposes is taking root at the State House, where nearly a dozen supporters turned out today for a public hearing on the proposal.