The closure of school buildings in response to the coronavirus has been disruptive and inconvenient for many families, but for those living in homeless shelters or hotel rooms — including roughly 1.5 million school-aged children — the shuttering of classrooms and cafeterias has been disastrous.

Willis Ryder Arnold / Maine Public

Portland city officials struggled Monday night to devise a strategy to help protesters lacking shelter to leave an encampment at City Hall plaza - an effort some said has gained urgency with a tropical storm heading towards Maine.

Robbie Feinberg / Maine Public

Daily life has changed drastically as Mainers take steps to slow the spread of the new coronavirus. Preparing and maintaining needed services for homeless clients has proven to be a challenge for shelters, who are dealing with limited space, supplies and a dramatic decline in the numbers of volunteers.

Caitlin Troutman / Maine Public

Homelessness is a growing problem around the country, including here in Maine.

Robbie Feinberg / Maine Public

Recent storms leave no doubt winter that has arrived in Bangor. The city saw how challenging last winter was for residents experiencing homelessness.

The Trump Administration has named its choice to lead the federal office on homelessness: Robert Marbut, a well-known consultant to cities trying to tackle the issue.

Bangor Area Homeless Shelter

Advocates for people experiencing homelessness are taking precautions as a heat wave is predicted to hit the state this weekend.


Homelessness among young people is on the rise in Maine. In conjunction with the series that Maine Public reporter Robbie Feinberg is doing on this issue, we examine the issue of youth homelessness in Maine, how big of a problem it is, and what’s being done to address it.

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For the 24th year in a row people gathered in Portland Friday on the longest night of the year to remember those from greater Portland's homeless community who have died during the past 12 months. Thirty-six people were remembered, 26 men and 10 women, with an average age of 47.

Abukar Adan / Maine Public

About 30 volunteers spread out in Portland Tuesday night to count the number of homeless people. 

The annual "point-in-time" survey is part of a national effort to determine the rate of homelessness in each state, and the country.

But in a press conference before the count, Portland Mayor Ethan Strimling said it's not only about the numbers.  


Nov 16, 2017

Nationally, one in seven children between the ages of 10 and 18 will run away from home. We’ll learn about programs in Maine to help runaway children.

Guests: Chris Bicknell, Executive Director, New Beginnings

Kera Pingree, Youth and Community Engagement/Muskie School/USM

Gayle Erdheim, Truancy, Dropouts, Homeless, and Alternative Education Coordinator, Maine Department of Education

AUGUSTA, Maine - While homelessness has decreased 9 percent, the director of Maine's Statewide Homeless Council is urging businesses and the private sector to donate more to make up for a lack of public money.
Cullen Ryan, the acting director of the council, says there's still a lot of work to be done despite the encouraging decrease. The Kennebec Journal reports that Maine experienced a 9 percent reduction in homelessness from fiscal year 2016 to 2017.

Homelessness : Finding Solutions

Nov 24, 2016

This is a re-broadcast of our earlier show; no calls will be taken.

A look at some of the solutions that local organizations are finding to reduce homelessness in Maine.  (Original broadcast date 10/12/16)

Guests:  Mark Swann, executive director of Preble Street in Portland

Stephanie Primm, executive director of Hospitality House in Rockland

Homelessness: Finding Solutions

Oct 12, 2016

Despite discouraging news headlines about homelessness, some innovative Maine organizations have had meaningful success in reducing homelessness and improving the lives of the homeless population.  We’ll learn about these solutions and what it would take to expand them.

Guests:  Mark Swann, executive director of Preble Street in Portland

Stephanie Primm, executive director of Hospitality House in Rockland

Homelessness Vigil in Portland
Nora Flaherty/MPBN

Homeless people and advocates will are sitting out all day today to raise awareness of homelessness — and make the point that even in the warmer months, it’s tough.