Eviction court cases can resume in Maine on August 3. A recent U.S. Census survey found 9% of Maine residents (29,000 people) could not pay rent in June, and 14% of renters (43,000) expressed concern about being able to pay their July rent. To try to stave off a major eviction crisis, Governor Mills has announced that Maine will be supplementing Maine's rental assistance program with an additional $5 million in order to double monthly payments.

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Officials in Bar Harbor are hoping that a new employee housing proposal could help ease the town's year-round housing shortage.


In advance of the Maine Real Estate & Development Association (MEREDA) conference on housing opportunities and solutions in Maine, we’ll learn about the issues facing developers and buyers when it comes to affordable housing and get the latest on Maine’s housing market.


Maine faces many challenges when it comes to affordable housing, including one of the highest gaps in the nation between what people earn and what rental rates they pay. Economic development experts see this as a top priority to attracting young people to Maine. Parts of Maine, like Portland, are seeing huge surges in housing prices, while other areas are stagnant. We’ll look at the causes of the affordable housing shortage in Maine and learn about some possible solutions.

Real Estate: What's Happening with Maine's Market?

Jun 22, 2018

For the third year in a row, Maine home sales set a record for the number of homes sold.  Home prices were up more than 5 percent across the state. The tight inventory is good for some and a challenge for others. We’ll get expert advice on approaching Maine’s real estate market and answers to questions about the value of certain home improvement projects.

Real Estate in Maine

Feb 1, 2018

Real estate is Maine's number two driver of GDP (behind only healthcare). Maine has one of the highest home ownership rates in the nation. But many of those homes are energy-inefficient, very old, and expensive to maintain. Plus, there is still a shortage of real estate agents in our area. What does this mean about Maine's transformation in the next 10 or 20 years?

Guests:  Paul Peck, board president of MEREDA, real estate developer, attorney

Erin Cooperrider, Development Director with Community Housing of Maine and Principal with The New Height Group

Brit Vitalius, president and designated broker for the Vitalius Real Estate group and president of the Southern Maine Landlord Association

Culley and Watson on top of their new building
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The Portland-area housing market has been on a roll the past several years — or a steamroll for many middle income residents. 

Democrats have joined forces with a senior citizens group in trying to bypass Governor Paul LePage, by issuing a voter approved housing bond that right now is stalled at the governor's office.

    AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) _ Maine is getting $15 million from the federal government to develop housing in low-income communities and improve emergency shelters for homeless individuals and their families.

Keep ME Home

Nov 9, 2014

Learn about a proposal to keep Maine seniors in their homes as they age.

Guests:  Rep. Mark Eves (D) 

Sen. Tom Saviello (R)

Jess Maurer, Council on Aging

Greg Payne, Avesta Housing

Helping Vets

Nov 6, 2013

  What can be done to help vets find work and housing?  What services are available?

Host Jennifer Rooks was joined by 

Donna Yellen,  Preble Street 

Dean LaChance,  Bread of Life Ministries 

Auta Main,  Dept. of Labor 

Mark Cafiso,  Portland CareerCenter