Gov. Janet Mills recently signed into law The Act to Protect the Privacy of Online Consumer Information.  It is one of the nation’s strictest internet privacy protection bills. It requires Maine ISPs to get customers' approval before sharing or selling their personal data. The law prohibits ISPs from offering customers discounts in exchange for selling their data. We discuss the issues that arise over how best to protect private information.

Manu Fernandez / AP File

Maine could soon have the toughest internet privacy law in the country.

Author Susan Crawford's new book describes how fiber optic connections will enable us to send unlimited amounts of data, leading to radical advances in what we can do in health care, education, agriculture and daily communications.

She explains how giant corporations in the United States have held back the infrastructure improvements necessary for the country to move forward, and she describes how a few cities and towns are fighting to bring the fiber optic revolution to their communities.

Net Neutrality

Dec 14, 2017

With the Federal Communications Commission set to vote on a measure that would change how the internet is regulated (or not regulated), our panel discusses just what is ‘net neutrality’ and why changes to the current open-access Internet platform could change the way you access your favorite websites.

Guests:  Mohammad T. Irfan, Assistant Professor of Digital and Computational Studies and Computer Science at Bowdoin College

Michael Socolow, Associate Professor in Department of Communication and Journalism at the University of Maine, where he’s also the Graduate Coordinator

Senator Angus King, United States Senator for Maine (Independent) - calling in for part of the show

An small internet service provider in Washington County has been awarded almost $73,000 from the Microsoft Corporation. The money will be used to help provide affordable wireless internet to up to forty rural customers who, to this point, have been beyond internet reach. Mark Ouellette is president and COO of grant recipient Axiom Technolgies, based in Machias. He says his company will employ so-called TV white space, frequencies previously used to provide analog TV signals.

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Cyber Security

Dec 10, 2013

  From your personal computer to the NSA and it's 'see all, know all' approach, what you need to know and were afraid to ask about cyber security.

Host Jennifer Rooks was joined by:

Edward Sihler, Scientific Systems Administrator

Troy Jordan, Network Systems Security Analyst at University of Maine System 

Broadband in Maine

Oct 2, 2013

  What are the options and obstacles regarding high speed internet in Maine? How do we get from dial up and DSL to internet speeds needed for today's high tech world.

Host Jennifer Rooks will be joined by 

Allyson Handley, President, University of Maine at Augusta (Maine Broadband Task Force member) 

Peter Mills, Executive Director, Maine Turnpike Authority (Maine Broadband Task Force member) 

Joshua Broder, President, Tilson Technology Management