James Jarvis


As the majority of Americans wait for their turn to get their Covid-19 vaccine, questions abound over what justifies one group to take priority over another. We discuss the ethical questions that arise in how vaccines are allocated and developed—and what these questions say about the moral values of our society.

Jessica Miller, clinical ethicist; professor of philosophy, University of Maine

Dr. James Jarvis, physician leader for incident command, Northern Light Health

Courtesy of Regina Kim / Mercy

As the numbers of cases of COVID-19 rise in Maine, we hear from hospital representatives about what is being done to prepare facilities, equipment and health care workers to deal with the growing pandemic. 

Guests: Dr. John Alexander, chief quality officer for Central Maine Healthcare

Dr. James Jarvis, medical specialist, Incident Command, Northern Light Health at Eastern Maine Medical Center


As confirmed cases of COVID-19 increase in Maine, we talk with medical professionals about the spread of the virus here, as well as what some Maine hospitals are doing to prepare for cases. Our panelists will answer your questions about how to deal with the spread of the coronavirus, how testing works, who is at risk and more.