James Page

Former Connecticut Governor Chosen To Lead University of Maine System

May 30, 2019
Michael Dwyer / Associated Press

The University of Maine System has a new chancellor.  The system's board of trustees has chosen former Connecticult Gov. Dannel Malloy to replace outgoing Chancellor James Page, who is retiring June 30.

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The outgoing chancellor of Maine's university system says the state is now on the "right path" for higher education, but still faces obstacles in the years ahead.

Courtesy University of Maine System

BANGOR, Maine - University of Maine System Chancellor James Page is stepping down at the end of the academic year.

AUGUSTA, Maine - In a joint convention Thursday, members of Maine's House and Senate came together to hear how the state's public higher education institutions are faring.

University of Maine System Chancellor James Page told lawmakers that major streamlining and cost-cutting efforts mean that the university's projected budget deficit - once at $90 million - currently sits at less than $20 million, and should be totally eliminated by 2021. 

But Page cautioned that Maine industries such as engineering, computer science and especially nursing need more support.

AUGUSTA, Maine - Tensions over the University of Maine's financial struggles, and the system's ongoing efforts to address them, took center stage at this morning's meeting of the Legislature's Education and Cultural Affairs Committee.

AUGUSTA, Maine - The chancellor of the University of Maine System is calling on lawmakers to support increased funding for its schools in Gov. Paul LePage's budget.

Chancellor James Page addressed a joint session of the Legislature on Tuesday. He says that LePage is proposing the biggest new investment that the system has seen in years. The system would see a 3.6 percent, or $14.2 million, increase over two years.

Page also addressed the system's economic challenges, including a potential $75 million structural gap between now and 2019.

Chancellor James Page laid out his plan for a leaner, seven campus system with less administrative overhead at the University of Maine Board of Trustees meeting Monday in Bangor.

Rebecca Wyke, U-Maine Vice Chancellor and Treasurer

The chancellor of the University of Maine System today is defending the decision to approve a $40,000 raise for a top administrator in the midst of a budget crisis. But a recent nationwide report on the economic status of university professors calls administrators' salaries into question.

The $40,000 raise for Vice Chancellor and Treasurer Rebecca Wyke brings her salary to $205,000. It comes at a time when the University of Maine System has to cut $36 million to balance its books for the 2015 fiscal year.