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Gov. Janet Mills recently announced a change to the controversial rule requiring a 14-day quarantine for out-of-state visitors to Maine. We'll discuss the new guidelines, which call for visitors from certain states with higher rates of infection to test negative for COVID-19. The new rule hinges on increased COVID-19 testing capacity in Maine. We'll discuss what the guidelines mean, how they will be enforced and how they are being received by Maine's tourism industry.

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Gov. Janet Mills announced Tuesday that her administration is prepared to quadruple the number of people who identify and help isolate people who have been exposed to the coronavirus through what is known as contact tracing.

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Maine Gov. Janet Mills says she's likely to announce Tuesday whether she'll extend her stay-at-home order, which expires Thursday. 

The Maine Department of Health and Human Services is sending an additional $10 million in state and federal funds to private nonmedical institutions.

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Nationwide, nursing homes and other congregate care facilities are hot spots for COVID-19--among residents and staff. Maine is seeing a similar pattern of outbreaks at different group care facilities across the state. What protective measures are in place, and what more can be done to stem the spread of the coronavirus?

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In response to the coronavirus, Gov. Janet Mills is making it easier for out-of-state physicians to practice medicine in Maine.

With new confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Maine, and Governor Mills declaring civil emergency, the restrictions and concerns are rapidly dominating daily life here. We talk with Department of Health & Human Services Commissioner Jeanne Lambrew about how the state is addressing issues ranging from insurance to older people in long-term care facilities to what's happening with populations such as those with mental health challenges and those who are homeless.

Guest: Jeanne Lambrew, Commissioner of Maine's Department of Health & Human Services

The state announced Monday that it has terminated its MaineCare contract with a Biddeford-based provider following the death of an adult with developmental disabilities in August.

Maine's Department of Health and Human Services intends to invest almost $2 million dollars in the next two years to address substance abuse issues among the state's youth.

Department of Health and Human Services Commissioner Jeanne Lambrew’s role encompasses a wide range of critical areas, from child welfare to homelessness to mental health and substance abuse. We will hear about what she plans to focus on first, and what concerns she has about the scope of the health and human services challenges facing Maine.

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AUGUSTA, Maine - Maine lawmakers have confirmed five of the new governor's remaining cabinet nominees.

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More than 500 Mainers now have coverage under Medicaid expansion. Gov. Janet Mills made the announcement Thursday morning, a week after she officially took office and pledged to expand the health care program that voters approved by referendum more than a year ago.