Jon Jennings

As the head of Maine’s Department of Transportation, Commissioner Bruce Van Note oversees a vast transportation network, including the turnpike, bridges, airports and other infrastructure. In recent news, the DOT has pulled back on a number of projects due to construction costs. We’ll hear about how he will address these budgetary issues and what his plans are for the future.

Tom Porter / Maine Public/file

Under the threat of a citizen referendum that could shut down nonmarine-related development on Portland’s waterfront for decades, the city council has unanimously approved a 6-month moratorium on development in the zone.

Nearing the end of a three-year tenure marked by disputes with Portland’s mayor, City Manager Jon Jennings is ready to sign on for another three years.

Jennings came to City Hall after stints in government and sports, from the Clinton White House to the Boston Celtics’ front office. He has made headlines in Maine’s largest city with a move to close a local health clinic and opposition to bonding for some school repair efforts.

Fred Bever / Maine Public

The manager of Maine's largest city threatened to resign last night, if his bosses on the Portland City Council gave in to a demand by Mayor Ethan Strimling for direct access to lower-level staff.

At a council meeting, City Manager Jon Jennings said Strimling was looking for more powers than allowed by city charter, which provides for a so-called "weak mayor" system that puts the mayor, in most respects, on equal footing with the rest of the city council.