Josh Christie

hagengraf / Flickr/Creative Commons

Our panel examines the ins and outs of the publishing industry, including: honing writing skills, finding an agent, getting published, and the business of bookselling. We’ll also hear about how bookstores determine which books to feature, and why.

Amazon was supposed to be the death of independent bookstores, but many in Maine are thriving. We’ll hear from a few independent bookstore owners to learn what their strategy is, and which books they are excited about.

Maine's Ski Industry

Dec 20, 2016

Our annual look at the state of the ski industry in Maine. We’ll learn about how Maine’s ski resorts are faring after last year’s not so great winter (for skiing and skiers, anyway) and get tips on where to find the best powder this ski season.

Guests:  Greg Sweetser, executive director, Ski Maine

Josh Christie, author of Skiing Maine and co-owner of Print, a new bookstore in Portland