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Our panel discusses the legacy of the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and looks ahead to the looming battle over her potential successor. What does the future hold for the Supreme Court?

Nick Woodward / Maine Public

Janet Mills, Maine's governor since 2019, returns to discuss the latest on the fight against the spread of the coronavirus. We’ll ask about progress and concerns regarding reopening the state, and how the state will address aid for sectors that have been hit hardest by fallout from the pandemic. We’ll also discuss the Black Lives Matter movement, calls for policing reforms and other ways for the state to address racial justice.

Maine Public

In response to civil unrest in Maine and across the country, Governor Mills recently pledged to root out racism in Maine's criminal justice system.  The Governor has tasked Public Safety Commissioner Mike Sauschuck to review Maine’s law enforcement statutes and provide recommendations. We talk with Sauschuck, Corrections Commissioner Randy Liberty and other leaders in Maine about what can and will be done to reform criminal justice in Maine, from police to prisons to the court system.


Department of Corrections Commissioner Liberty joins us to discuss the pressing issues facing Maine's prison system. As Commissioner, he has stated that recidivism is one of his top priorities, as is prisoner re-entry into society. We will also discuss juvenile justice, women prisoners, solitary confinement, and how he plans to address mental health and substance use issues among prisoners and staff.

Guest: Commissioner Randy Liberty has more than 36 years of leadership experience in the fields of corrections and law enforcement, having served as the Warden of the  Maine State Prison since 2015. Prior to that, he served more than 26 years in the Kennebec County Sheriff’s Office, nine as the elected sheriff, during which time he focused on drug enforcement, drug abuse education and treatment of addiction.

  Unity Dow is an author, human rights activist and former judge and the first woman to serve on Botswana’s High Court. She delivered the University of Maine School of Law’s inaugural Justice for Women Lecture. Her talk is titled “Juggling Truths – When Justice is a Moving Target.”