Gov. Janet Mills called the Legislature back into session to consider four bond proposals totaling $163 million in borrowing for the November ballot. The bonds would fund transportation projects ($105 million), economic development aimed at high-speed internet expansion ($23 million for pollution clean up; $15 million for energy efficiency loans) and $20 million for conservation projects under the Land for Maine’s future program. The session went into a deadlock, then three bonds were defeated. We'll learn more about the future of funding for the state.


We’ll discuss some of the significant legislation making its way through the legislative process, including paid leave, sports betting, budget negotiations and other bills in the news.

Month in Review: Top Maine News Stories in April

Apr 30, 2019
Robert Bukaty / Associated Press

Our panel of editorial page editors returns to discuss the news that made Maine headlines in April.

Susan Young, editorial page editor, Bangor Daily News

Ben Bragdon, editorial page editor, Kennebec Journal

Greg Kesich, editorial page editor, Portland Press Herald


We check in on the latest happenings from Augusta.


We discuss what's happening in Maine's state Legislature — from pending bills to public hearings — as the session revs up to speed.

Maine Public political correspondent Mal Leary also checks in on what he's following at this point in the session.


We talk with legislative leaders about their priorities as the legislative session moves into full swing.  Already several hot button issues are emerging, including a proposal idea to create a statewide power authority, greater firearms regulations and a plan to legalize sports betting.  We’ll discuss these issues and more.

Associated Press

Which issues will dominate the Legislature in 2019? Our panel discusses changes we are likely to see under a Mills administration and which issues will be at the forefront of Maine politics in the year ahead.


We speak with female legislators, both new and experienced, about the issues they will focus on. We’ll also talk about what it means that a record number of women will be serving in the Maine Legislature.

Month in Review: Maine News Headlines from the Month of June

Jun 29, 2018
Maine Public


Our panel of editorial page editors returns to discuss what made Maine headlines in June. What was – and wasn’t – accomplished at the special session? What’s the reaction to ranked choice voting and the primary elections? 


Two top-ranking legislative leaders join us to discuss the work still left to be done and the prospects for compromise.


The situation in Augusta is tense as House Republicans and House Democrats fail to find common ground. We hope to have leaders from each side join us to discuss their differences and how the issues still to be decided might be resolved.

Legislative Update

Apr 2, 2018
Robert F. Bukaty / Associated Press File

We hear from Maine legislative leaders about the work still left to be done this session. Among the major issues still pending include tax conformity and Medicaid expansion. We will also discuss the passage of tax breaks for Bath Iron Works and the creation of the new Maine Future Caucus.

Robert F. Bukaty / Maine Public

Hosted by Mal Leary, our panel shares its analysis of Governor LePage's final State of the State address (which he delivered on the evening of February 13).

Guests: Senate President Michael Thibodeau R- Winterport

House Speaker Sara Gideon D-Freeport

Legislative Update

Jan 22, 2018

We speak with legislative leaders about the items making news this season. Among the front-burner issues: the effects on the federal government shutdown on state government; extending the moratorium on a comprehensive marijuana law; Medicaid expansion, ranked-choice voting, and, selecting which bond initiatives will come before the voters next election.

Guests:  Erin Herbig, House Majority Leader, D-BelfastGarrett Mason, Senate Majority Leader, R-Lisbon Falls 

Maine Budget Update

Jul 5, 2017

Now that the state has ended the government shutdown, we’ll discuss the ins and outs of the budget compromise and what's in store for the future.

Guests:  Mal Leary, Maine Public Political Correspondent

Sarah Gideon, Speaker of the House (D-Freeport)

Mike Thibodeau, Senate President (R-Waldo)