Lisa Wolfinger

A May 2019 report by Disability Rights Maine found more than 20,000 incidents in which physical restraints and seclusion were used on students in Maine schools. That number has gone up every year since 2014, despite increased awareness of and attention to the problem. Experts say restraint and seclusion are ineffective and often dangerous, and the report found that disabled students were disproportionately subjected to these troubling interventions. Current legislation - LD 1376 - seeks to track and reduce schools' use of restraint/seclusion. The bill came out of committee "ought to pass" but was carried over to the next legislative session. This Maine Calling will air on the same day that Maine Public Television re-airs the documentary film "The Kids We Lose” (by Maine filmmaker Lisa Wolfinger) about the methods used by Dr. Ross Greene to more effectively help children with behavioral challenges.

Mercy Street

Jan 13, 2017

The executive producer of Mercy Street, along with some of the writers and producers of the show, share what to expect during the second season of the big budget PBS drama set during the Civil War.


Lisa Wolfinger, Co-creator and Executive Producer of Mercy Street

Anya Jabour, professor of history at the University of Montana and script review and consultant to the executive producers and screenwriters of Mercy Street