Thomas Jefferson Foundation Chair in American History at the University of Virginia and two-time Pulitzer prize winning historian Alan Taylor will be back home in Maine (he attended Bonney Eagle High School and Colby College and was born in Portland) to give two lectures in connection with the state’s bicentennial. 

We’ll discuss the Maine Bicentennial, pre-revolutionary Maine, the US/Canada frontier, and more, including his research in early North American history.  Taylor is the author of nine books, including Liberty Men and Great Proprietors: the Revolutionary Settlement on the Maine Frontier 1760-1820.

Maine Mission Boat In Need of Repairs

Jul 21, 2018
Jennifer Mitchell/ Maine Public

MOUNT DESERT, Maine -- The vessel Sunbeam V, after more than two decades of constant, year-round service needs some major repairs if it's to continue its mission to serve Maine's remote island communities, says Maine Seacoast Mission, which oversees the Sunbeam's operations. 

Governor Paul LePage

Jan 30, 2018

Governor LePage joins us to discuss his legislative priorities for his final year in office. 

Guest: Paul LePage is serving his final year as governor of Maine.

 In this April 26, 2017, photo, gas is pumped at a filling station in Nashville, Tenn. By air or car, summer 2017 travel numbers are expected to rise over the previous year thanks to deals on airfares and stable gasoline prices.
AP Photo/Mark Humphrey, file

If you filled the tank this week, you might have noticed gasoline prices are down about a nickel-a-gallon in the last week. It’s the biggest price change in a while. analyst Patrick DeHahn says it’s the result of “a fairly organized” drop in the price of crude oil.

The Democrat-controlled Maine House of Representatives has passed a joint order designed to force the release of $15 million in bonds intended to help provide affordable housing for Maine seniors.

Maine voters overwhelmingly passed to bonds in November which, at the time, Gov. Paul LePage said was a mistake that could hurt the state’s credit rating.

On Monday morning advocates held a press conference demanding that LePage release the bonds.

State retiree Rena Heath from Hallowell says that since she retired 12 years ago, everything has gone up except her income.

There's yet another effort underway to bring a casino to York County. Supporters of the planned citizen initiative have a tough hurdle ahead of them. They'll have to gather more than 61,000 signatures in the next few weeks in order to get the measure on next fall's ballot.

Acadia National Park soon marks two major milestones: celebrating its 100th anniversary next July, and bidding farewell to longtime Park Superintendent of Acadia, Sheridan Steele who is retiring as of Friday after 12 years on the job. Steele has overseen the park during a period of growth where 2.5 million visitors enter the park each year. Steele spoke with MPBN's Jennifer Rooks about some of the challenges Acadia faces as he concludes his tenure. One of the biggest concerns is the park's increasing popularity

In what may be the opening skirmish in a long battle over the three-year budget for Efficiency Maine, the Natural Resources Council of Maine is accusing the LePage Administration of seeking to reduce funding for weatherization and for home heating system improvements.

Patriotic Millionaires YouTube advertisement in support of a higher minimum wage
Patriotic Millionaires Action Fund

A national group representing wealthy individuals has joined the debate over raising the minimum wage in Maine. The organization - called "Patriotic Millionaires" - began airing TV ads in the Portland area Thursday urging Mainers to vote in favor of a higher minimum wage.

This comes as residents of Portland vote on a proposal next week that would raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour.

Ethan Strimling, candidate for Portland mayor.
Ethan for Mayor campaign

PORTLAND, Maine _ A candidate in Portland's three-way mayoral race is calling out one of his opponents for accepting thousands of dollars from what he describes as "luxury development firms" at a time when residents are struggling to find affordable housing.

Tom MacMillan says Ethan Strimling has far outstripped both his and incumbent Michael Brennan's fundraising, in large part by accepting donations from wealthy development firms.

CRANBERRY ISLES, Maine _ Residents of the Cranberry Isles face some uncertainty over their future ferry service, as the area's longtime mailboat operator looks to get out of the business. But at a special meeting this week, the town took steps to start replacing the service.

It's Thursday and time for Across the Aisle, our weekly round-table on Maine politics. This week: Cynthia Dill, an attorney with the Portland firm of Troubh Heisler and former Democratic State senator, Dick Woodbury, an economist who served in the Maine Senate as an independent, and Mike Cianchette, former chief counsel to Gov. Paul LePage. They spoke with Keith Shortall.

The Cat in Yarmouth Harbour, Nova Scotia

PORTLAND, Maine _ Nova Star Cruises has lost its bid to continue running ferry service from Yarmouth, Nova Scotia to Portland.

The provincial government is instead entering into negotiations with Bay Ferries, which used to run a high speed catamaran between the two cities.

Nova Star Cruises had hoped to continue running the ferry for a third season and was one of five companies that submitted bids to the Nova Scotia Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal.

Four Dead from Carbon Monoxide

Jul 18, 2015

BYRON, Maine (AP) _ Four people from Massachusetts have been found dead in a Maine cabin due to apparent carbon monoxide poisoning.

Officials with the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife say some members of its staff have received "troubling" correspondence, which has been turned over to state and federal authorities.