Maine Community Health Options

AUGUSTA, Maine - Mainers can soon sign up to purchase health insurance plans on the individual market.
Maine Bureau of Insurance Superintendent Eric Cioppa said Maine residents have between November 1 and Dec. 15 to purchase or change such plans.

LEWISTON, Maine — Community Health Options, health insurance cooperative based here that offers plans in both Maine and New Hampshire, has announced that as of Dec. 26, it will stop accepting new members for the coming year.

AUGUSTA, Maine - Nearly 80 percent of Maine residents who have signed up for health coverage on the exchange have selected plans with a Lewiston-based nonprofit co-op.

Maine Community Health Options CEO Kevin Lewis said Tuesday that 57,600 residents have enrolled with the company through the exchange.

Federal officials said last week that 74,792 people in Maine chose a health plan or were automatically re-enrolled in coverage as of Feb. 15, the last day of open enrollment. A special sign-up period will begin March 15 for some people.

Patty Wight / MPBN

LEWISTON, Maine - Health insurance co-ops were created under the Affordable Care Act with the rationale that they would increase competition and lower prices.