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The same global consulting firm that paid nearly $600 million in a multistate settlement for “turbocharging” sales of opioids has received millions from the Maine Department of Labor to help the agency manage a crush of unemployment claims during the pandemic.

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Maine will be receiving federal emergency funds to temporarily supplement unemployment benefits for eligible recipients.

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The Maine Department of Labor announced Friday that it is reinstating work search requirements for some individuals receiving employment benefits.

There is a new online short-form questionnaire that is designed to help Mainers who have not been able to start an unemployment claim, for any number of reasons.

While most of the news about the number of jobs lost in Maine has been troubling, May figures from the Department of Labor (DOL) showed a small glimmer of good news.

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Thousands of Mainers have reported problems in trying to obtain unemployment. Thousands of other Mainers have had unemployment claims fraudulently filed without their knowledge since late May. The pandemic caused a sudden spike not just in real claims, but in fraud as well.

Maine Public's Jennifer Mitchell talked about these issues with Kim Smith, the deputy commissioner for the Maine Department of Labor.

Self-employed and contract workers in Maine will be able to apply for unemployment starting Friday morning at 8 AM, as the state rolls out its anticipated Pandemic Unemployment Assistance.

Almost 20 thousand Mainers seeking unemployment benefits will soon receive expedited approvals- and denials- in the mail. Additionally, Maine Department of Labor Commissioner, Laura Fortman, says that next week the state will unveil its plan for self-employed and contract workers seeking unemployment because of COVID-19.

The Maine Department of Labor has been struggling to handle huge numbers of applications for unemployment benefits because of the pandemic, and those numbers are expected to grow with the passage of a new federally-funded program.

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The executive director of the trade group HospitalityMaine says some federal help is coming for Maine small business owners.

The Maine Department of Labor has been awarded up to $6.2 million to help those affected by substance-use disorders enter or reenter the workforce.

AUGUSTA, Maine - The Maine Department of Labor wants the public to be aware of a number of phony websites hocking specious help with filing for unemployment insurance.

The Maine Department of Labor cited a fire department in the state with violations after the death of a captain in March.

Maine’s unemployment rate now stands at less than 3%. But if you were to add in other categories of the labor force, such as part time workers seeking full-time jobs, and people who have given up trying to find work, the number of unemployed Mainers swells to over 20,000, which is nearly 7%. The state Department of Labor says it is trying to match all of those people with either jobs, or training programs that will lead to jobs. Maine Public’s Mal Leary spoke with Commissioner Laura Fortman about how those efforts are going.

AUGUSTA, Maine - Maine's governor-elect says she is nominating a former labor commissioner to be the new chief of the Maine Department of Labor.