Maine Department of Labor

People filing unemployment claims will now have fewer hours during the day to call and talk to someone about their claim. But they'll still be able to file online or using an automated phone system, at any time.

The Unemployment Claims Center had been open 8 a.m.-4:45 p.m. weekdays; now it is only open until 12:30 p.m.

Maine Department of Labor Spokeswoman Julie Rabinowitz said the change will allow more availiblity in the morning, when the center gets most of its calls. The center will then have more people processing claims in the afternoon.

Overtime Rules

Sep 5, 2016

 Listen to our rebroadcast of this earlier show on the new overtimes rules:

New federal rules regarding overtime pay go into effect later this year. We’ll discuss what they will mean for businesses small and large, how individuals can make sure they are being paid appropriately and what recourse they have if they believe they are not.


Doug Currier, attorney at Verrill Dana

Pamela Megathlin, Director of the Bureau of Labor Standards, Maine Department of Labor

Labor Law

Sep 3, 2015
Jonathan Smith

What should employees and employers know about labor law.

Guests:    Paul H. Sighinolfi, Executive Director and Chair of the Maine Workers’ Compensation Board.
Pamela Megathlin, Director of the Bureau of Labor Standards of the Maine Department of Labor.
Julie Dumont Rabinowitz, Director of Policy, Operations and Communication for the Maine Department of Labor.

Republicans would like to walk away from a federal probe into the internal workings of the state Department of Labor. But Democrats on a government watchdog committee are refusing to let the issue die. Today they were able to convince one Republican to support a plan that will allow further monitoring of the department, following allegations last year that Gov. LePage pressured hearing officers to be more pro-business.