Maine Office of Marijuana Policy

SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine - Officials in Maine say the state's first two licensed retail marijuana stores are located more than 100 miles apart in very different parts of the state.

AUGUSTA, Maine - Maine's marijuana enthusiasts expect to soon find out where they can finally legally buy the products they want.

AUGUSTA, Maine - Maine marijuana regulators have created new rules about sample collections that are expected to make the state's testing system less burdensome.

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Four years ago, Maine voters approved a ballot initiative legalizing recreational marijuana. Yet, there are still no marijuana retailers in the state. The industry's roll-out since since 2016 has been impeded by a number of legislative and regulatory twists and turns, including a gubernatorial veto.  But few, if any, in this emerging sector anticipated the latest obstacle.

Maine officials have deemed dozens of applications to run marijuana businesses to be complete, a major step on the way to the first legal sales of the drug for recreational adult use.

Mainers voted in favor of legal recreational marijuana use and sales in 2016, and the state is in the process of approving licenses for the first businesses. David Heidrich, spokesperson for the Maine Office of Marijuana Policy, says the state began the process of deeming more than 70 applications complete in late January. The office will next review the applications and issue approvals.

Dozens Apply To Open Marijuana Businesses In Now-legal Maine

Dec 14, 2019
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The first week of applications to open marijuana businesses in Maine has been busy, with dozens of prospective businesses lining up to sell, grow or make edible products with the newly legal drug.

SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine - Maine will start accepting marijuana business licenses this month, but the market is already closed in some communities.

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AUGUSTA, Maine - The state of Maine has adopted a symbol that'll be used on marijuana products sold for adult consumption.

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Nearly three years after Maine voters approved the legal growth and sale of adult-use marijuana, the state has finally developed a plan to begin commercial sales.