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Tuition at Maine's seven community colleges will not change for the coming school year. It will remain $94 per credit hour.

This is a rebroadcast of an earlier show (original air date May 3, 2019); no calls will be taken.

Granges have been integral to the history of rural Maine, serving not only as places for farmers to organize and advocate for themselves, but as educational sites, social hubs, and community centers. We learn about how some Granges have carried on the traditions of the past, while others have evolved to serve new purposes in their communities, bringing new vitality to rural Maine.


Maine state Rep. Patrick Corey, a Republican from Windham, has filed legislation that would exempt "people's veto'' votes from presidential primary elections.

State Police say two men found dead inside a pickup truck in the northern Maine community of Castle Hill were the victims of a double homicide.

BRISTOL, Maine - A search is underway for a missing boater in mid-coast Maine. The Maine Marine Patrol and state police divers are searching for the 63-year-old Breman man after his skiff was found adrift in Round Pond Harbor on Monday night.

SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine - The U.S. Coast Guard says the commanding officer of a cutter that's homeported in Maine has been relieved of his duties.

Maine Farmland Trust

Farming in Maine is in transition. According to the most recent Census of Agriculture, in the five years from 2012-2017, Maine lost 10 percent of its farmland and 573 farms. On the other hand, Maine has more young farmers per capita than just about any other state. Agriculture Commissioner Amanda Beal is responsible for helping grow and promote agriculture in Maine. Beal has recently been in the news pushing to extend federal aid to members of Maine’s wild blueberry industry. She’s also requested that the federal government finalize its proposed “origin of livestock” standards for organic dairy farms. We’ll discuss the other initiatives Beal is engaged with and the priorities of the Mills’ administration.


A new Trump administration rule will likely make it harder for immigrants, who are in the U.S. legally and who use public assistance, to become citizens.

BANGOR, Maine - The Penobscot County Jail is reducing the number of inmates released in the middle of the night.

Our panel discusses the value of seaweed to Maine’s economy, some potential ways to grow Maine’s seaweed industry, and the questions associated with seaweed harvesting in Maine. Fishermen and others are turning to growing or harvesting kelp and other seaweeds as demand grows for use in foods, medicine, fertilizer and more. It is also seen as a way for fishermen to augment their livelihoods.

Robbie Feinberg / Maine Public

Thousands of kids across the state are in their final month of summer camp. The camp setting has often been viewed as a therapeutic experience that can teach kids social skills and teamwork and build self-esteem. But many camp administrators in Maine say they're seeing more kids with social and emotional issues, including anxiety and attention deficit disorders, and now camps are responding to those needs in a number of ways.

BREWER, Maine - A Maine company that spun off from the University of Maine's Advanced Structures and Composites Center aims to make bridge construction faster, cheaper and more durable.

The replacement of a bridge in Downeast Maine is getting started in Machias.

Several Maine gun safety groups and gun control advocates plan to gather in front of the Blaine House for a candlelight vigil following mass shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio.

Time for Three describes their music as standing “at the busy intersection of Americana, modern pop and classical music. To experience TF3 live is to hear the various eras, styles and traditions of Western music fold in on themselves and emerge anew.”

Members of the group join Portland Chamber Music Festival Artistic Director Melissa Reardon to talk about their stories, what distinguishes their approach, growing worldwide interest in the old art of chamber music and to preview upcoming music festivals in Maine. And they’ll play live in our studio.