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One in every 24 Maine jobs is in the forest products industry, and it contributes about one in 20 GDP dollars in our state. We’ll examine what the Mills’ administration has planned to develop the forestry industry while also addressing climate change and sustainability issues. Experts will address matters pertaining to the future of forest products, what other nations are doing to develop their forestry industry, and the tension between existing industry and those wanting new investment.


MILLINOCKET, Maine - Two hunters who got stuck on the ice are safe after Maine Game Wardens used a hovercraft to rescue them.

This is a rebroadcast of an earlier show (original air date Oct. 2, 2019); no calls will be taken.

It's prime apple-picking season! We’ll talk about growing apples, different varieties, the history of apple orchards in Maine, how much the apple harvest contributes to the economy, and where to go to pick apples. We’ll hear from a few Maine orchard owners, and also discuss John Bunker’s new book “Apples and the Art of Detection,” which explains how to track down, identify and preserve rare apples.

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A group in Maine's western mountains area is launching a campaign to attract new faces - and new dollars - to the region year round.

This is a rebroadcast of an earlier show; no calls will be taken.

In conjunction with the PBS airing at 8 p.m. Feb. 9, of the Mr. Rogers documentary "Won't You Be My Neighbor?" and as part of Maine Public’s statewide Good Neighbors initiative, we discuss the role that kindness plays in our world and share stories from our listeners about the power of goodness in their lives.

As families across the country tuck into roast turkey and stuffing, 220 miles overhead, Maine astronaut Jessica Meir and crewmates are having a freeze dried feast of their own.


"Cornbread dressing - this will be great," Meir says. "We can, maybe we can, stuff inside the turkey just to, maybe, make it like a real stuffing."



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Dozens of volunteers met at Preble Street Resource Center in Portland Wednesday to unload more than 50 tons of donated food for the organization's three soup kitchens.

Our panel of culinary experts share ideas for common and less-obvious dishes to make for the holidays (Thanksgiving and beyond), with some recipes from our panelists and listeners—as well as advice on making traditional Thanksgiving dishes. We will hear from various communities about their food traditions and beloved dishes.

Mainers weigh in with their favorite made-in-Maine gifts. We’ll hear from craftspeople, artists, authors, small store owners and Etsy business operators about what they produce and where to find it. These products and services reflect the depth of innovation and entrepreneurship in Maine.

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The city of Portland is preparing to accept applications to reimburse nonprofits for contributions they made to the care of hundreds of asylum seekers who arrived in Portland this summer.

PORTLAND, Maine - Maine's two United States senators say six health care organizations across the state are going to be able to expand online services and reach more of the state's residents.

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The surge in vaping among teens has alarmed many parents, pediatricians and teachers. Though the chemical of primary concern linked to reported illnesses and deaths has been identified as vitamin E acetate, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control says that none of these devices are safe because they contain nicotine and other harmful chemicals. And even if a young person does decide to quit, it can be hard to do.

AUGUSTA, Maine - Maine police say an officer nonfatally shot a man who was wanted on charges of domestic assault and cruelty to animals.

Our panel of technology experts returns to discuss the latest news regarding personal computers, smart phones and tablets, smart speakers, cord-cutting, and more. They’ll also discuss Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and CyberMonday deals to be on the lookout for. 

PORTLAND, Maine - Maine plans to launch a $1.5 expansion of syringe exchanges to combat the surge in hepatitis C cases in the state.