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Nirav Shah, director, Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention, joins us for an update on the pandemic and the state’s response. He’ll answer questions about recent outbreaks, face coverings, testing, contact tracing, reopening and more.

We discuss how to handle the inevitable challenges that students and families will have to deal with as they return to school—whether it’s online or in-person. We’ll address the range of issues, from mental health and anxiety to the effects of mask-wearing and distancing—especially on younger kids and those with special needs.

JONESBORO, Maine - A new national cemetery will be dedicated Saturday in the Down East town of Jonesboro.

GREENVILLE, Maine- Maine State Police investigators say the death of a couple,  discovered at their home in Greenville on Thursday, appears to be the result of a murder-suicide.

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This is a rebroadcast of an earlier show (original air date July 10, 2020); no calls will be taken.

The pandemic has had many interesting by products, one of which is an increased interest in foraging as a means of being self-sufficient and less dependent on groceries or other food sources. We’ll learn about all of the edible plants and other wild foods—from seaweed to mushrooms to clams—that Mainers can find all around them. And we’ll hear about some interesting ways to eat and prepare these items—safely.

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In early August, Unity College made some major changes. It laid off dozens of faculty and staff, and announced a transition away from a traditional, four-year residential model to "hybrid learning."

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Medical diagnostics company Abbott Laboratories will hire 1,200 workers at its new Westbrook plant to help ramp up production of its new rapid-result Covid-19 test.

SCARBOROUGH, Maine - More than 30 Maine businesses are receiving help from the federal government to launch rural renewable energy projects.

Millinocket-area Schools Delay Opening As School Employees, Students Test Positive

Aug 27, 2020
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Schools in Millinocket, East Millinocket and Medway will delay their start by two weeks, as six East Millinocket school staff members — including the superintendent — and two students have tested positive for the coronavirus following an Aug. 7 wedding in the area.

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Bicycle stores across Maine are struggling to keep up with demand for bikes and repairs as the era of social distancing has many Mainers turning to cycling as a way to enjoy the great outdoors safely.  We’ll learn about new bike trails under construction in Maine, tips on safe riding, bicycling maintenance and the rise of ebikes. We'll also discuss the Bicycle Coalition of Maine's new anti-speeding campaign, Slow ME Down, and it's five-year plan to increase safe biking communities throughout the state.

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This week, students are beginning to arrive back on campus at colleges across Maine, and many are being greeted with new procedures: increased hygiene, new behavior rules, and lots of COVID-19 tests. In fact, some colleges are testing students as much as two or three times per week in hopes of containing a virus that has already led to outbreaks at other schools across the country.

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It is a strange feeling to be conscious of the fact we are experiencing a time in history that will be analyzed for years to come. Already, those who research how society behaves and reacts to change are studying the coronavirus crisis closely. We’ll discuss humanity's response to the pandemic with an anthropologist and sociologist. What have they learned already? What do they expect to happen? And what questions will future social scientists ask about our times?

This is a rebroadcast of an earlier show (original air date July 29, 2020); no calls will be taken.  

This show is part of our ongoing coverage of topics relating to Maine's bicentennial, and is the fourth in our series on the history of Maine.

The years from World War I through World War II led to lasting changes in Maine. We'll learn about how the efforts of those on the homefront altered Maine's landscape and industries. We'll also talk about notable Maine leaders of that era, and what impacts the wars and those who fought in them had on Maine's future.

PORTLAND, Maine - University of Maine students are returning to campus for the first time since being sent home in March. Monday marked the start of move-in week in Orono just days after three students tested positive for the coronavirus.

The University of Maine System has announced a new plan to test 2,000 people — about 10 percent of its on-campus students and staff — every 10 days in an effort to limit the spread of COVID-19 during the fall semester.