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While we have all gained some measure of expertise on COVID-19, a steady stream of new research and information about the disease continues to raise more questions. What are the different ways this disease can affect the body? Do we know more about the ways it is transmitted, or about immunity? We’ll find out how scientific and medical research informs decisions regarding what makes sense regarding quarantines and re-opening.

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Members of Portland’s City Council are voicing varying levels of support for demands made by Black Lives Matter activists. But there is one demand that is not gaining traction — to fire City Manager Jon Jennings.

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The year 2020 is likely to be remembered for the pandemic and the protests against police brutality. But it is still Maine's bicentennial year. And historian Herb Adams is joining us again to talk about some of the origins of our state.

For many people who have come to Maine recently from other countries, the pandemic has created additional challenges to their already difficult time living and working here. We’ll find out how these communities are coping during the COVID-19 crisis. How are they getting information about health and safety guidelines? Have there been a disproportionate number of COVID-19 cases among these communities? Has the crisis impeded the legal processes for them to get settled here? We'll also talk about how the additional turmoil of the racial justice protests are affecting new Mainers.

Following the death of George Floyd and others in police custody, a spotlight has been fixed on the use of chokeholds and other neck restraints used by law enforcement. The “use-of-force” policies guiding how police departments in Maine’s two largest communities are similar in what they say about the use of chokeholds.

PORTLAND, Maine — Several mainland fire departments have responded to a fire inside the post office of an island community in Maine.

As more people return to the workplace, what are their rights? Employers can now screen employees for COVID symptoms, but can they require masks? What if employees are nervous about returning? And what information must be keep confidential? We'll discuss how the CARES Act affects the employer/employee relationship, whether and how the Americans with Disabilities Act affects people at high risk for COVID-19, unemployment, harassment and more.

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One new death related to COVID-19 is being reported by the Maine CDC on Sunday, as well as 46 new cases of the disease.

More Than 2,000 Turn Out For Latest Portland Anti-Racism Rally

Jun 6, 2020
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PORTLAND, Maine — Roughly 2,000 Mainers turned out for an anti-racism protest Friday night, the eighth protest in as many days in Greater Portland and the largest such gathering yet in that time span.

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The Maine CDC is reporting an increase of 42 new cases of COVID-19, for a cumulative total of 2,524.

No new deaths were reported; the total death toll from the disease in Maine remains at 98.

Of Maine's total cases, 581 remain active, and 1,845 people have recovered.

Fourteen COVID-19 patients are reported to be in critical care, with 145 critical care beds available. Six-hundred seventy-three ventilators are available, and seven are in use.

A second round of testing of inmates and employees at the Maine Correctional Center in Windham has found no additional cases of COVID-19.

Organizers are planning rallies in both Bangor and Dover-Foxcroft to protest President Donald Trump’s visit to Piscataquis County on Friday.

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Maine colleges and universities have adopted guidelines that will consider class sizes, quarantines and social distancing in public areas such as dining halls as they consider how to reopen their campuses in the fall.

It is a strange feeling to be conscious of the fact we are experiencing a time in history that will be analyzed for years to come. Already, those who research how society behaves and reacts to change are studying the coronavirus crisis closely. We’ll discuss humanity's response to the pandemic with an anthropologist and sociologist. What have they learned already? What do they expect to happen? And what questions will future social scientists ask about our times?

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Protests in Portland against police brutality continued Wednesday. But this time, the event was peaceful and city councilors and the mayor stood — then kneeled — with the protesters.