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Several different invasive pests have caused severe harm in Maine, from the brown-tailed moth to the emerald ash borer. At the same time, the overall insect population is in sharp decline. We'll learn about insects and their effects on humans from a panel of experts.

Long-time newscaster and program host Jack Perkins has died at the age of 85.

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Peter Ditto, UC Irvine psychology professor, joins us to discuss how motivation, intuition and emotion shape and often bias our social, political, moral, medical and legal judgments. Learn how people make judgments in emotionally charged and motivationally involving situations, and particularly in how emotion and motivation can shape and often bias our reasoning processes and, ultimately, our beliefs about ourselves and the world. Ditto is in town to deliver a speech at the University of New England’s Center for Global Humanities.

HARTLAND, Maine - Officials in a Maine town say they are trying to stop a rat infestation that has plagued their community for more than six months.

Maine's Secretary of State says some households are receiving a confusing voter registration mailing that is not from state government.

LITCHFIELD, Maine - Police in Maine say they followed pings from a cellphone in a kidnapping case to find a woman who texted 911, and they later arrested a suspect.

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Fermentation is trendy now (think kombucha), but it’s also a time-honored Maine tradition, driven by the need to preserve food and beverages over the long winter season. We’ll learn about different fermenting methods and products, and what health benefits they are said to bring.

MADAWASKA, Maine - Police are investigating the discovery of a bag of methamphetamine in the toy section of a store in northern Maine.

PORTLAND, Maine - Officials in Portland, Maine, are investigating how a city maintenance worker was struck and killed by the trash truck he had gotten out of.
The city says 46-year-old Martin Dinh, of South Portland, was near the end of his shift on Sunday. Officials say Dinh's body was found about three hours later by someone who came to the public works facility to load materials.

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In response to two recent deadly mass shootings in Ohio and Texas, about 100 protesters rallied in downtown Portland Sunday afternoon to advocate for gun control legislation.

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Maine is struggling to find enough workers to care for its aging population, especially in rural areas of the state.

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The latest Kids Count Data Book reports that Maine children have the highest rate of diagnosed anxiety in the country, as well as high rates of depression and suicide. We learn what causes, signs and treatments are for anxiety in young people, as well as resources available to children and families.

FRANKLIN, Maine - Police say a Maine teenager was involved in a pair of crashes within minutes, and the second one nearly claimed his life.

Dental Care Can Be Hard To Access In Rural Areas. 'Dental Therapists' Are Closing That Gap.

Aug 19, 2019
Robert F. Bukaty / AP

It can be hard to keep smiles healthy in rural areas, where dentists are few and far between and residents often are poor and lack dental coverage. Efforts to remedy the problem have produced varying degrees of success.

Scholar Marie Griffith joins us to discuss the origins and growth of the religious right as a political force, and how it has transformed America's broader culture and public life. Griffith investigates the pervasive fears driving our sex-obsessed politics, especially when it comes to issues such as birth control, obscenity, interracial relationships, female chastity, sex education, abortion, sexual harassment, and LGBTQ rights. Griffith is in town as part of the University of New England Crosley Lecture Series.