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More students in Maine are graduating from high school than ever before — nearly 87 percent last year. And most enroll in college. Yet for many students, particularly those from small, rural schools, staying in college can be a challenge. A new program in Aroostook County is looking into why some rural students may struggle in college and trying to find ways to keep them in school.

The Maine city of Lewiston is considering putting up disposal boxes for used syringes after an increased number of needles from drug use have been found on city property.

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A Maine city will require that gas-powered rental golf carts used to get around a nearby island become all-electric by the summer of 2021 to address noise, traffic, exhaust and safety complaints from residents.

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Maine Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap is trying to clear up some confusion about so-called "Real ID" now that the Maine Bureau of Motor vehicles has begun issuing two different types of drivers' licenses and state ID cards.

Current trends in mentally aided healing include what is known as the Law of Attraction — the idea that you can make good things happen in your life through positive thoughts. This popular belief traces back to Phineas Quimby, a spiritual teacher known as the father of the New Thought movement who lived in Maine in the 1800s. We’ll learn about Quimby’s belief system and how it manifests itself in some of today’s popular approaches to wellness.

AUGUSTA, Maine - The National Endowment for the Humanities is going to help a pair of Maine cultural institutions engage more with the public about the state's bicentennial.

Imagine it's 11:30 p.m., you're winding down for bed or already under the covers, and it's silent except for the sound of waves lapping in the nearby harbor. Then you hear an ear-splitting roar — the sound of a plane flying over South Portland, where some residents are pressuring the Federal Aviation Administration to change flight paths due to noise.

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Officials in Portland say they will meet the Thursday deadline to vacate the Expo Center, which has served as a makeshift emergency shelter for the nearly 450 asylum seekers who have arrived in the city since the beginning of June.

A 75 year old woman from Silver Spring, Maryland, drowned early yesterday evening while canoeing on the Androscoggin River near Bethel in western Maine.

Getting help for aging family members or friends can be confusing, stressful and overwhelming.  We’ll hear from experts on some of the biggest challenges facing older people – from mobility to memory to medications – and ways to care for aging family members and friends.  We’ll also get advice on where caregivers can turn to get help and support.

SHERMAN, Maine - Officials say Border Patrol agents in Maine seized cash and drugs from a vehicle found abandoned near an Interstate 95 checkpoint in the town of Sherman.

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ROCKLAND, Maine - Court documents indicate pop artist Robert Indiana had $13 million in the bank even as his house sank into disrepair before his death.

Tuition at Maine's seven community colleges will not change for the coming school year. It will remain $94 per credit hour.

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Granges have been integral to the history of rural Maine, serving not only as places for farmers to organize and advocate for themselves, but as educational sites, social hubs, and community centers. We learn about how some Granges have carried on the traditions of the past, while others have evolved to serve new purposes in their communities, bringing new vitality to rural Maine.


Maine state Rep. Patrick Corey, a Republican from Windham, has filed legislation that would exempt "people's veto'' votes from presidential primary elections.