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Author Mira Ptacin has written about a Maine community that has served as a gathering place for spiritualists and mediums for more than a century. We’ll discuss the belief in communicating with the dead as well as connecting with the past, present and future worlds beyond the use of normal senses.

The state's university system is drastically cutting tuition for out-of-state students pursuing Masters degrees in Business Administration as part of an effort to increase enrollment.

After three years, Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument is finally getting highways signs.

Robbie Feinberg / Maine Public

Last month, Jessica Meir of Caribou launched into space, becoming the first female astronaut from Maine. A few weeks ago, she made history again as part of the first all-female spacewalk from the International Space Station.

Month in Review: The Top News Stories in Maine from October

Oct 30, 2019

Our panel of Maine editorial page editors returns to discuss the news that made Maine headlines in October. Issues we may discuss include: views on the impeachment inquiry, 2nd District Congressional Race update, local elections, and other news from around the state. 



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A new report from the Cutler Institute at the University of Southern Maine's Muskie School of Public Service is taking a closer look at how school suspension rates, youth homelessness and involvement in the criminal justice and child welfare systems affect kids in their communities.

SABATTUS, Maine - Police in Maine say they're still investigating a crash in which two Lewiston residents were killed and three other people injured.

Robbie Feinberg / Maine Public

Administrators at the University of Maine in Orono say they’ve begun meeting with indigenous groups and are looking for ways to better support marginalized students after online posts from a Republican student group sparked a backlash on campus.

Maine State Archives

Two hundred years ago today, Maine took an important step down the road to statehood. The 274 delegates who had gathered at the Constitutional Convention in Portland finished drafting a document. Its very first article is a "Declaration of Rights."

The bat population has been in decline in Maine ever since 2011, when the onset of white nose syndrome caused by a harmful fungus began to kill off different bat species here. Bats are beneficial to the ecosystem, particularly because they eat insects and pests. During National Bat Week, we’ll learn about statewide efforts to monitor and foster the health of the bat population, and we’ll also talk with experts about what to do if bats are in your home—or if you are worried about exposure to rabies.

FARMINGTON, Maine - The last of the firefighters to be released from the hospital after a deadly building explosion in Farmington, Maine, is about to be headed home.

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When Patricia Saucier was a teenager, she felt as if her life story would be defined by what she could not do.

SABATTUS, Maine - Police in Maine say two people were killed and three others injured in a car crash in Sabattus.

GARDINER, Maine - It looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and - if it gets a prosthetic leg - will once again walk like a duck.

Loni Hamner, of Gardiner, recently adopted a female Mallard duck that was left with one leg and a stump after being attacked by a fox last year. Hamner says the duck she's named Faith can hop and hobble around, but she wants her "to have a good, duck quality of life and do all the things ducks like to do."

Human trafficking encompasses sex and labor trafficking and affects women, men and children. A 2015 study for the Maine Sex Trafficking and Sex Exploitation network estimates 200-300 cases of human trafficking in Maine each year, but cases are hard to investigate and experts believe they are under-reported. We’ll learn how Maine prosecutors and law enforcement officials are changing the way they approach trafficking cases, what’s being done to address it, and where to turn for help.