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Maine's Department of Health and Human Services is urging the public to remember the dangers of accidental marijuana ingestion.

AUGUSTA, Maine - Maine is seeking a marijuana consultant to advise officials on how to set up regulations for the state's recreational and medical pot markets.

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A sweeping overhaul of Maine's medical marijuana law is on its way to Republican Gov. Paul LePage. The bill makes it easier for Mainers to qualify as medical marijuana patients by removing current qualifying medical conditions such as epilepsy, cancer and multiple sclerosis.

Legal Pot Will Roll Out Differently In Canada Than In US

Jun 21, 2018

Marijuana legalization across Canada is on the horizon, and the industry is shaping up to look different from the way it does in nine U.S. states that have legalized adult use of the drug.

Age limits, government involvement in distribution and sales, and access to banking are some big discrepancies.

And Canadians will be able to order cannabis online and have it delivered through the mail - something that's illegal in the United States.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced Wednesday that marijuana will be legal nationwide on Oct. 17.

Maine Lawmakers Send Pot Sales Bill To Gov, Who Vows To Veto It

Apr 17, 2018
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Legislators in Maine have sent a compromise bill governing marijuana retail sales to Republican Gov. Paul LePage, who has vowed to veto it.
The Senate gave final approval to the bill Tuesday. LePage recently said he'd veto it because it won't combine medical and adult-use marijuana programs. But votes in the House and Senate suggest lawmakers may have the two-thirds support needed in each chamber to override him.
LePage has 10 days to sign, veto or let it go into law without his signature.

AUGUSTA, Maine - A new proposal for the retail sale of marijuana has cleared its first test in Maine.
The Maine House approved of the new compromise Tuesday with a veto-proof majority, suggesting there's support for the compromise. Lawmakers have been trying to hammer out regulations for legalized marijuana since voters chose to go legal in 2016.
The bill won approval from a legislative committee earlier.
Republican leaders who oppose legalization because marijuana remains illegal at the federal level said they're still against it.

Marijuana-Friendly States Want Meeting With Sessions

Mar 30, 2018

LOS ANGELES - California, Oregon and other marijuana-friendly states are seeking a meeting with U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions in hopes of resolving the conflict between federal and state laws that has left the nation's cannabis industry in legal limbo.
Marijuana is illegal at the federal level, even as 29 states have legalized pot in some form.
State treasurers from California, Oregon, Illinois and Pennsylvania told Sessions in a letter Thursday they need greater clarity on how federal law enforcement will respond to the growing legalization trend.


Industrial space has become almost impossible to lease or buy in the greater Portland area, after cash-rich marijuana growers snapped up existing warehouses. That's helped to force vacancy rates way down and prices way up, just as conventional businesses are ready to expand.


A special legislative committee is closer to creating a new bill to regulate recreational marijuana for adults. Lawmakers on the panel hope the proposal will garner enough support to become law, but there's already grumbling that it concedes too much to Gov. Paul LePage, an opponent of legalization.

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The Maine House has failed to extend a moratorium on the recreational marijuana market, voting 81-65 to oppose a bill extending the moratorium that expired Thursday until May 1.

It has been over a year since Maine voters legalized the sale of recreational marijuana. But state lawmakers continue to disagree about how the retail market should operate, and others don’t want to see it created at all.

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The legislative committee charged with developing regulations for the sale of recreational marijuana in Maine has voted to extend a moratorium on the adult-use market until mid-April. 

AUGUSTA, Maine - Maine Attorney General Janet Mills says she is joining a group of attorneys general that is calling on Congress to review federal banking rules as they apply to marijuana.
Mills and 18 other attorneys general want more information about how the banking regulations apply to the emerging marijuana industry in the states that have legalized the drug. Maine is one of those states.

Lawmakers in Vermont have approved legalizing recreational marijuana, and the bill soon goes to the state’s Republican governor, who says he will sign it.

The bill soon goes to the state’s Republican governor, who says he will sign it.

The bill allows possession of up to an ounce of marijuana, or two mature plants. It does not allow a regulated retail market, such as California’s or Colorado’s.

AUGUSTA, Maine - The Maine Legislature is back to the drawing board on rules for implementing retail sales of marijuana.
Lawmakers who're trying once again to sort out details of the voter-approved law legalizing recreational marijuana are holding a public hearing Tuesday afternoon in Augusta.
Recreational marijuana use became legal for adults last year, but there's no way to legally buy it because Republican Gov. Paul LePage vetoed a bill created by a bipartisan task force.

OLD ORCHARD BEACH, Maine - Residents of Old Orchard Beach can voice their opinion on whether to prohibit retail marijuana establishments in the seaside town.
The Journal Tribune reports the town council is holding a Tuesday public hearing on a proposed ordinance that would prohibit retail marijuana establishments in town.
The proposed ordinance would prohibit retail marijuana stores, social clubs and cultivation, manufacturing and testing facilities.
Maine voters legalized recreational marijuana for adults in November 2016.