For years, if not decades or more, menopause has been a subject rarely discussed with candor and often feared, although it affects half of the population. In her provocative new book, "Flash Count Diary: Menopause and the Vindication of the Natural Life," author Darcey Steinke explores the way society and science are reframing menopause.

We'll discuss the importance of talking about menopause and why certain symptoms may indicate serious health problems. And, we have actor Cindy Williams of "Laverne and Shirley" fame on tape. She was in Maine at Ogunquit Playhouse, performing in “Menopause: The Musical!”

Patty Wight / Maine Public

Menopause marks the end of reproductive years for half the population, and it can bring on significant symptoms as soon as a decade before menopause officially hits. And although it’s such a common process, some say the care for menopause is lacking. But now there are some providers in Maine who make menopause care a focus of their practice.