Mount Desert Island Hospital

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The Maine Center for Disease Control (CDC) announced Tuesday that it is launching a pilot project with Mount Desert Island Hospital to alert people who may have been exposed to COVID-19 by out-of-state travelers.


Mount Desert Island Hospital in Bar Harbor says it is receiving an increasing number of phone calls from out-of-state visitors who tested for COVID-19 before they came to Maine, then found out they were positive after they arrived. At least one other hospital says it's getting similar calls. These cases aren't captured in state data, and it is raising concerns among some hospital officials that Maine's relatively low case count could take an upswing.

Mount Desert Island Hospital says there are cases of COVID-19 in its community that are not reflected in state data.

BAR HARBOR, Maine - Registered nurses at Mount Desert Island Hospital have voted to authorize their union to call a strike.

Vanessa Sylvester, of the Maine State Nurses Association, says negotiations stalled over medical technology issues, management demands for what the union is calling "significant and arbitrary" cuts in pay rates for some nurses, and other issues.

Sylvester says the next step is federal mediation. "And it is our hope that through the federal mediator the hospital will come back to the bargaining table and work toward a resolution of this contract."

Jennifer Mitchell

Registered nurses and union supporters picketed in the rain outside Mount Desert Island hospital today. They're upset over contract talks, which they say are stalled over issues of patient safety at the Bar Harbor hospital. Although hospital administrators say they've made their final offer, the nurses want more say over the hospital's technology and equipment.