National Guard

This show is part of our ongoing coverage of topics relating to Maine's bicentennial, and is the fourth in our series on the history of Maine.

The years from World War I through World War II led to lasting changes in Maine. We'll learn about how the efforts of those on the homefront altered Maine's landscape and industries. We'll also talk about notable Maine leaders of that era, and what impacts the wars and those who fought in them had on Maine's future.

This is the second segment of a two-hour Maine Calling, as we continue to cover the pressing issues brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. For the first segment, click here.

For many, the current restrictions on day to day life imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic have reached a point where it feels like wartime: limited supplies, staying sheltered, loss of income and ability to carry on with normal behavior. We talk with our state leaders about how public safety and emergency management are addressing this crisis situation in Maine.

Maine National Guard

Major General Douglas Farnham used his annual state of the National Guard speech to lawmakers to praise past and current members of the Guard and its predecessor, the Maine Militia.

Sixty-nine Maine National Guard soldiers are wrapping up a nine-month deployment in Poland.

Maj. Gen. Douglas A. Farnham has served as Commissioner for the Department of Defense, Veterans and Emergency Management since 2016, and was re-appointed by Gov. Janet Mills in 2019.

Farnham also serves as the adjutant general, Maine National Guard.

Farnham will discuss his priorities, from the National Guard to veterans issues to how to deal with weather emergencies and other crises facing Maine.