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The Senate Judiciary Committee is voting on Judge Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court nomination. A full Senate vote on the nomination is expected as early next week. Watch the proceeding live.

Supreme Court Hearings

Sep 4, 2018

Due to NPR's special coverage of the Supreme Court nomination hearings for Brett Kavanaugh, Maine Calling will not air live at 1 pm.

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President Trump is holding a news conference at the White House with Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte.

Conte has been in the office for a few months. His approach to government in Italy has been compared to that of Donald Trump in the United States. Italy has recently hardened its approach to immigration, for instance, and challenged European Union partners. Trump, for his part, has expressed support for Conte, at one point tweeting that "the people of Italy got it right!"

President Trump is meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe ahead of Trump's planned summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in Singapore next week.

The host of NPR and WBUR's "Only A Game" since the program began in 1993, Bill joins us to talk about the latest news from the world of sports and the intersection of sports and storytelling.

Corey Flintoff

Oct 27, 2017

The longtime NPR correspondent joins us to talk about the latest international news, especially the relationship between the United States and Russia.

Guests:  Corey Flintoff is National Public Radio's former bureau chief in Moscow.

Scott Simon

Sep 1, 2017

This is a rebroadcast of an earlier show (June 2); no calls will be taken.

NPR’s Weekend Edition Saturday host and journalist Scott Simon joins us to talk about his new book My Cubs – A Love Story. We’ll also discuss his previous book Unforgettable – about the time he spent with his dying mother. 

Tom Gjelten

Aug 30, 2017

This is a rebroadcast of an earlier show (May 9); no calls will be taken.

Since 1965, the percentage of the US population born outside the country has tripled, changing many American communities. Immigration became a central issue in the Presidential campaign, and rhetoric around immigration issues continues to divide the country. NPR's Tom Gjelten explores the modern immigrant experience in his book A Nation of Nations.

Diane Rehm

Jul 20, 2017

The former NPR talk show host catches us up on her podcast, her new book, and what she thinks of the state of politics and journalism.


Diane Rehm was host of the award-winning "Diane Rehm Show" for more than 30 years.

Police have charged Darren Osborne with terrorism-related murder and attempted murder over an attack in which investigators say Osborne drove a van into a crowd of people leaving a mosque in north London early Monday.

The fire that devastated a 24-story apartment building last week began by accident — and the source was a refrigerator, London police say. Investigators have also found that materials used on Grenfell Tower's exterior failed safety tests.

"We now have expert evidence that the fire was not started deliberately — the fire started in a fridge-freezer — the make and model is a Hotpoint FF175BP," Detective Superintendent Fiona McCormack said Friday. She added that the refrigerator, which has a freezer on the bottom and refrigerator on top, has not been recalled.

For anyone still wondering if Mark Zuckerberg plans to run for president, today should dispel that myth. It appears that his tour of America — which many speculated is an effort to score political points — was designed to give the 33-year-old CEO a chance to learn about human behavior, in the physical and digital worlds, in order for him to build a better product. He wants to turn Facebook into a place where users form popular groups and hang out together, a lot.

Mass shootings in Orlando, Fla., Alexandria, Va., and San Francisco during the first two weeks of June — two of them on the same day — have once again put America's complicate

Seventeen-year-old Nabra Hassanen was buried Wednesday after a funeral service packed with mourners. The service was held in the Northern Virginia community where she'd lived. An evening vigil organized by her high school's Muslim Student Association also drew throngs of people.

Hassanen was beaten and killed early Sunday morning as she walked back to her mosque after a pre-dawn meal with friends. Such meals are common during the month of Ramadan, when many Muslims fast from dawn to sundown.

Social media companies are under pressure to block terrorist activity on their sites, and Facebook recently detailed new measures, including using artificial intelligence, to tackle the problem.

The measures are designed to identify terrorist content like recruitment and propaganda as early as possible in an effort to keep people safe, says Monika Bickert, the company's director of global policy management.