Campsites on one of the 200 or so islands comprising the Maine Island Trail system

Maine Public TV Air Time:
Sat., July 6 at 11:00 am

The raw beauty of the Maine Coast is captured in a 500 mile small boat solo camping adventure on the Maine Island Trail.

Seeking to honor the founders of the Maine Island Trail, and his ailing father, Doug Welch sets out on a 500-mile journey in his 17' Boston Whaler. Confronting the limitations of small-boat living and the challenges of the Maine coast, Welch tells the story of the Trail through close-up images of seven spectacular uninhibited islands and quotes from MITA’s founder. Based on the success of his two-week trip. He encourages viewers that perhaps they too can do it in a small boat.


The mounting environmental crises American faces, including droughts, floods, hurricanes and coastal erosion, are profoundly connected and are affecting the lives of citizens in every corner of the country. We’ll learn the latest on the multitude of environmental issues facing the nation and hear about some practical solutions.

CASTINE, Maine — On Saturday more than 200 Maine Maritime Academy students, officers and crew will leave Castine for a two week training voyage to Saint Croix in the Virgin Islands.

They will be aboard the 500 foot Training Ship State of Maine which originally served as a Navy oceanographic research vessel, It was assigned to Maine Maritime in 1997.

MMA Commandant of Midshipmen Captain Nathan Gandy says the students are all upperclassmen who already have quite a bit of sea time.

Calling all swimmers! Here's how to coexist with our gelatinous friends.

  Humankind's obsession with living near the ocean. The good, the bad and the sandy.

Host Keith Shortall was joined by 

John Gillis: author of "Islands of the Mind"; "A World of Their Own Making: Myth Ritual, and the Quest for Family Values"; and "Commemorations". A professor of history emeritus at Rutgers University, he now divides his time between two coasts: Northern California and Maine.

Ocean Wind Power

May 28, 2013

  The latest on the big project spearheaded by the University of Maine to create a wind farm in the Gulf of Maine.

Host Jennifer Rooks was joined by

Habib Dagher, Professor of Civil/Structural Engineering at UMO; founding Director of the Advanced Structures and Composites Center

and Peter Vigue, Cianbro Corp. Chairman and CEO

Deep C Wind Consortium


Mar 21, 2013

  Discussion of the demand for and usage of seaweed and sea vegetables in Maine along with a reaction to the hearing for bill LD 585, concerning regulation of commercial rockweed harvesting on coastal Maine.

 Host Keith Shortall was joined by:

Robin Hadlock Seeley, PhD - Senior Research Associate, Cornell University and Shoals Marine Laboratory

Sean Mahoney, Executive Vice President and Director, Conservation Law Foundation Maine

Andrew Bertocci - Founding President of the Maine Seaweed Council

  Cuts to cod fishing and shrimping. Last week the allowable annual catch of cod in the Gulf of Maine was drastically reduced. Last year shrimp catches were also cut. What new fishing regulations will mean for Maine fishermen, the state's economy and coastal Maine towns.

Host Keith Shortall was joined by:

Ben Martens, executive director, of the Maine Coast Fishermen's Association

Maggie Raymond - Executive Director, Associated Fisheries of Maine

Maine Island Life

Dec 5, 2012

  A look at the culture, history and life of the Maine Islander. What are the challenges facing the modern day Islander.

Host Keith Shortall was joined by: 

Philip Conkling, President, Island Institute

Donna Damon, Island Institute Board Member and Chebeague Selectperson

and Ellen Mahoney, Volunteer President of Peaks Island Home Start

Chebeague Island News

  The latest developments in renewable energy in Maine were discussed.

Host Keith Shortall was joined by :

Dr. Habib Dagher, Professor of Civil & Structural Engineering, University of Maine and Director, Advanced Structures and Composites Center

John Ferland, Vice President of Project Development of Ocean Renewable Power Company

  Colby College in Waterville recently hosted a talk by Oceanographic Research Vessel Captain Charles Moore, author of Plastic Ocean: How A Sea Captain's Chance Discovery Launched a Determined Quest to Save the Oceans.

Captain Charles Moore was returning from HAwaii when he noticed scraps of trash floating by every time he came on deck. This caused him to become a scientist-activist and to write his book "Plastic Ocean: How A Sea Captain's Chance Discovery Launched a Determined Quest to Save the Oceans.”

  Philanthropist and avid sailor David Rockefeller, Jr. discussed his efforts to protect and preserve the world's oceans and the "One Island, One Ocean" project. Rockefeller completed the first circumnavigation by sail of the Americas to raise awareness about the state of our oceans.

Noted philanthropist and sailor David Rockefeller, Jr. joined host Jonathan Smith for a talk about why he helped sponsor the project, his experience aboard the steel-hulled ship, and what he and the crew of scientists and educators learned about the health of our oceans.