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Governor Janet Mills

While ten states mandate paid sick leave for workers, Maine will be the first state to require employers to give their employees up to 40 hours of paid leave for use at their discretion.

Portland’s city council is poised to vote Monday night on a requirement for city employers to provide workers paid sick leave.

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Roughly 200,000 Maine workers who do not currently receive paid sick leave could soon earn paid time off for any reason if a newly amended bill becomes law this year.

A bill mandating employers to provide paid parental leave will get a public hearing Friday alongside House Speaker Sara Gideon's more comprehensive LD 1410, which would create a family and medical leave benefit program through the Department of Labor.

A proposal to require paid sick leave for Portland workers brought supporters, opponents - and some in between - to City Hall last night, for the final public hearing on the issue.

Nearly 200 Maine workers were at the statehouse Thursday, lobbying in favor of measures that would establish paid sick leave, public employees' right to strike, and a public-owned electric utility.

AUGUSTA, Maine - Maine Republicans say they're proposing a "reasonable'' compromise on paid sick leave.

State lawmakers considered a proposal on Monday to create a paid sick leave law in Maine.

PORTLAND, Maine - Portland officials have postponed a committee vote on a proposal to allow employees to earn paid sick leave, a policy that the Maine Legislature is also considering.

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Supporters of a proposal to create a paid sick leave ordinance in Portland won a victory Tuesday night when a city committee agreed to create a universal policy for both large and small businesses.  But the ordinance has yet to be voted on, and several employers say that a paid sick leave mandate would unfairly burden businesses.

PORTLAND, Maine - Maine's biggest city plans to hold a public hearing on a proposal to allow employees to earn paid sick leave.

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Advocates for paid sick leave rallied on the steps of Portland City Hall Tuesday night in support of a proposed ordinance that would allow all workers in the city to earn sick time off with pay. But at a public hearing immediately after the rally, some employers said the benefits of paid sick leave also come with significant costs to certain businesses.

Ten states and about 30 municipalities across the United States have adopted paid sick leave policies, and local supporters hope Portland will join the list.

Patty Wight / Maine Public

Advocates for paid sick leave rallied at Portland's City Hall Tuesday night to urge councilors to support a proposed ordinance that would allow all employees in Portland to earn up to six paid sick days off each year.