Planned Parenthood

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PORTLAND, Maine — Planned Parenthood continues to be in the national spotlight for secretly taped videos that allegedly show the nonprofit illegally profiting from the sale of fetal tissue.

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PORTLAND, Maine — About 350 people gathered in Monument Square Tuesday to demonstrate their support for Planned Parenthood, in the face of efforts by some federal Republicans to defund the women's health care organization.

State politicians, health advocates, Portland Mayor Mike Brennan and others joined Planned Parenthood patients and volunteers on stage.

The speakers talked about their personal experiences with Planned Parenthood, including former patient Jenny Pirkl, who says she used Planned Parenthood when she didn't get medical insurance from her job.

WASHINGTON — On a nearly party line vote, the U.S. House has approved legislation that would block Planned Parenthood's federal funding for one year, which Republicans say will give time for Congress to fully investigate claims of wrongdoing by the organization.

Maine's two members split on what is largely a symbolic vote.

The vote freezes all federal funding for Planned Parenthood after weeks of escalating rhetoric surrounding allegations that the organization sold fetal tissue for profit.

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(PORTLAND, ME) About 45 people gathered at the Portland Planned Parenthood in downtown Portland on Saturday morning to participate in what organizers say was a day of national protests at Planned Parenthood clinics.

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AUGUSTA, Maine - The Legislature's Health and Human Services Committee is considering a bill to increase women's access to reproductive health care.

PORTLAND, Maine (AP) _ Planned Parenthood will spend at least $500,000 in support of Rep. Mike Michaud's Maine gubernatorial campaign and other races in which the group identifies reproductive rights as a key issue.

The organization says in a statement that the campaign is the most aggressive in its history in Maine and will include field operations and advertisements on television and online.

Tom Porter

The Portland City Council tonight is expected to repeal an ordinance that allows for a protest-free buffer zone around a downtown health clinic that provides abortions.

Abortion-rights advocates in Maine are condemning the U.S. Supreme Court's decision today to strike down a Massachusetts law that created 35-foot buffer zones around abortion clinics.

The ruling is likely to have an impact on a similar buffer zone established around a Planned Parenthood clinic in downtown Portland.

Abortion Emerging as Major Issue in Maine Campaigns

Jun 16, 2014
Tom Porter

There are no new citizen initiatives around the issue of abortion this year in Maine, and no pending legislation - or even any discussion of new proposals. But those on the opposing sides of the abortion issue are becoming increasingly energized.  Dozens of anti-abortion activists packed a reception for 2nd Congressional District Republican nominee Bruce Poliquin last week and now, pro-choice advocates in Maine are endorsing the candidacy of Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Mike Michaud. Pro-choice advocates say they're taking nothing for granted this election year.